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Dylan and Rhett were childhood best friends—ride or die, thick as thieves—but time and distance have a way of changing things, as well as stubborn pride and the inability to express certain feelings.

They tried to stay in touch, but it became increasingly difficult as their lives went in very separate ways.

Teenagers grow up into adults, and sometimes they grow apart.

She went to art school in New York City and got engaged. He enlisted in the Army as a combat engineer.

Over a decade after their high school graduation, both are back living in their hometown for the first time, and they're both dealing with their own mountains to climb. Dylan broke things off with her abusive ex-fiance. Rhett lost a leg in Afghanistan.

Will they get back what they used to have, or will something more blossom now that they're all grown up? Can they help each other heal?

Content Warning

Please note, Friends Don't will deal with sensitive topics such as domestic violence and PTSD. If you are triggered by these topics, I would advise you against reading this story. You can feel free to message me for more details on specific triggers if you'd like.

There will be some mild sexual content that may be a bit mature for certain readers. I would advise you to only read this story if you are at least eighteen years of age.

Update Schedule 

As of June 2019, I have almost completed this story, so updates may be a bit more frequent than what is usual for me. The first two chapters will be published together, at which point updates will be every Tuesday and Thursday.

Change of plans for August 2019 onward. Chapters will be once a week, posted every Tuesday.  

Giving Credit

The cover was made by me. I found the original image on Pinterest. 

The title of this novel was inspired by the country song of the same name by Maddie & Tae.

Friends Don't Lyrics 

They don't cancel other plans

Have conversations with nothing but their eyes

They don't hear each other's names and forget to concentrate

Hits a nerve and lights you up like dynamite

Friends don't call you in the middle of the night

Couldn't even tell you why

They just felt like saying "hi"

Friends don't stand around, playing with their keys

Finding reasons not to leave

Trying to hide the chemistry

Drive a little too slow, take the long way home

Get a little too close

We do, but friends don't

They don't almost say "I love you"

When they're downtown somewhere, just a little drunk

They don't talk about the future and put each other in it

And get chills with every accidental touch

I keep telling myself this might be nothing

But one look in your eyes and, God, there's something

You can lie to me and say you don't

But I know you do, and I love you too

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