Gorgeous Tune..

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Izuku stalked towards the playground cautiously.

He reached the rock climbing wall before seeing a tuft of blonde hair and becoming frozen in place.

Izuku listened in quietly as he tried to figure out who it was.

' Katsuki? '

' Okay no, he's hair isn't that sunny... '

' Monoma..? Ew no. '

There was a crack in the voice the beautiful time a heavy sigh followed.

Izuku heard russling from the direct of the voice.


"Hey Bro!" Izuku heard a muffled expression from the presumed cellphone.

"Hey Bro," Replied the voice.

' Kaminari? '

"What's wrong bro?,"

"Nothing bro, I just. I don't know if I can go through with this bro."


"Bro I know but like dood I can't hit the notes right and I'm so worried I'll fuck shit up and instead of an epic gamer moment. It will be an epic fail moment," The voice let out a smol sigh, "Being in a band is nothing like a church choir... Instead of fighting for attention, I'm trying my hardest not to let them see me mess up. And then I do..."

"You can't think like that bro. You sound awesome. Always. You just need to let off some steam. Hey! how about me, you and the rest of the quad go out to the arcade and play some whack a mole? I'll even practice with you after if you want."

"Haha that sounds like fun bro."

"It will be bro. So you in bro?"

"Yeah bro."

"Alright, meet up at 6, bro?"

"Meet up at 6, bro."

"Well see ya then bro."

"See ya then bro."


Izuku waited a minute before emerging. When he did he discovered that his later suspicions were correct. It was infact his bandmate Denki.

Izuku was kinda embarrassed that he didn't recognise his bandmates singing voice. Then again in all fairness he never sung very loudly.

"H-Hey Kaminari," Our nervous main character approached.

"How much did you hear?" Denki mumbled against his hands; Which were rubbing against is done with live expression.

"Umm... From the middle of Glass Man," Izuku replied.

"Oh. Good, that didn't go as bad as Taking to the Moon went," Denki mused with a tired chuckle.

"I don't wanna let the band down you know? Music means a lot to means a lot to me but it leaves me when I'm not upset or giddy," Denki voiced his frustration.

"You don't have to worry about letting me down," Izuku started to explain as he climbed up next to Denki. With a helping hand.

"You came very far. Coming from a church choir was it? To signing up to a five person gig is incredible. You should be proud of that. And if preforming with the band isn't something you're up for anymore. You don't have to."

"Thanks Midoridood! I'll keep that in mind."

"Well, I should head home, it's 5:27. Don't you have that group thing to go to?"

"Yeah, I do. I'll stay here for a bit longer though."

"I'll see you later, yeah?"

"Yee yee."

"Hehe bye!" Izuku heads back to the dorms happy we was able to help he's friend out a bit.



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