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thank you for all of the love on this book so far. i love seeing all of your comments and predictions, it makes my heart so warm. thank you for almost 2k reads on less than five chapters. you have no idea how much it truly means to me!


kaycee got in her mom's car, practically fuming. laura raised an eyebrow at her, laughing slightly. "what's wrong with you?" she laughed. kaycee sighed, "sean lew. he's such a jerk mom." kaycee let out a huff of air, looking straight ahead.

laura sighed, "what did he do this time?" kaycee didn't know if she should tell her mom or no, she didn't want her to go after sean or something. she decided, screw it, and told her mom. ]

"okay do you want to know what honestly happened?" she asked, glancing at her mom. laura furrowed her eyebrows, "obviously,"

kaycee sighed, "well, some groups were being filmed and tani was talking to me about sean because he had just finished dancing. she was talking about how i haven't had my first kiss and that sean could be my first kiss. and i was telling her that i could definitely find someone better."

"hell yeah you could," laura cut in laughing. kaycee rolled her eyes, "and tani said some other things. so class ended and i went to talk to julian and sean came over and he called me 'sweetheart' which was really weird. so jules and i just talked with sean cutting in every once in a while. then i left and went to the hallway to wait for you, and uhm, sean came and got really close to me. he told me that he heard what tani had talked about and everything. he just got on my nerves. i told him to go away and he said that he would get me sooner or later."

laura sighed, turning on her blinker, "boys will be boys, kayc." she said softly. kaycee looked at her mom incredulously, "are you not even mad at him?" she asked in disbelief. laura pulled into the rice house, parking and looking at kaycee. "i don't know kayc, i think the boy has a little crush on you. most of the time, boys treat their crushes like crap to make themselves look tougher."

kaycee groaned and got out of the car, grabbing her things and walking into her house. "you know what i mean kayce!" laura called to her as kaycee walked up to her room. kaycee sighed and sat on her bed, laying back and getting on her phone. "what the hell is happening with my life right now?" she mumbled to herself, seeing a message from sean come up. her eyes widened, he hasn't texted her in forever, what could he possibly want?

she clicked on the message, rolling her eyes as soon as she read the first couple of words.

'hey baby girl, i just wanted to say that you looked extremely good today ;) i can't wait to see the outfit you where tomorrow to jojo's class. make it sexy please ;)'

"he's such an ass what the hell." she groaned. then she got an idea, smirking to herself.

she started typing out a message, feeling nervous.

'hey hottie, i'll be sure to wear a special outfit, just for you;) can't wait for you to see it.'

she gulped, seeing the read receipt pop up.

what was she doing?


this is SUPER short, but i wanted to get something up. the next chapter is where everything goes down!
thank you for waiting, love b

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