Shadow of Malevolence

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Narrator: a deadly weapon unleashed. The Separatist battleship Malevolence advances unopposed through Republic space, tearing apart any ship that stands in its path. After a daring rescue and narrow escape, Anakin Skywalker prepares a counterattack on the enemy ship, its diabolical droid commander, General Grievous and the deadly Sith Strategist, Wade Dooku.

Jedi Cruiser Hangar No POV

Anakin was explaining the plan to the Squadron of Clone pilots with Admiral Yularen.

Yularen: this strike force has been commissioned by the Senate to hunt down the enemy's new battleship. As the bulk of our fleets are engaged on the front lines, we'll be on our own. General Skywalker has prepared our attack strategy.

Anakin: Thank you, Admiral. While our capital ships are vulnerable to the enemy's attack, I believe a squad of bombers can outmaneuver their ion weapon. Our target will be the bridge, General Grievous and Wade Dooku.

Clone: the head clanker and the deadly strategist. Skywalker's getting pretty ambitious.

Anakin: our bombers will attack at high speed to evade the enemy's ion weapon. We'll concentrate our firepower on the bridge superstructure, here. We destroy General Grievous and Wade Dooku and the ship will fall with them. Any questions?

Clone: just tell us where that metal head and big brain is, sir.

Clone2: yeah, we've been waiting for a chance to take them out.

Anakin: all right, men, settle down. This is an important mission. We destroy Grievous and Wade, we can bring the war to a quicker end. Pilots, prepare your bombers.

The Clones went to do that and he got approached by Plo Koon and Ahsoka.

Plo: Skywalker, this is an aggressive plan. Are you sure your Squadron can complete this mission?

Anakin: let's ask them. Matchstick! You think our boys can pull it off?

Matchstick: yes, sir! There hasn't been a mission Shadow Squadron couldn't complete.

Clone: that's right. Minimal casualties, maximum effectiveness. That's us.

Plo: I admire your confidence, Pilot. Even so, minimal casualties may be enough to prevent you from breaking Grievous' and Wade's defenses.

Ahsoka: Master Plo is right. With Grievous and Wade on that ship's bridge, it's bound to be well protected.

Anakin: don't worry, Ahsoka. We'll destroy that bridge, and Grievous and Wade along with it.

Anakin and Yularen walk away.

Plo: Master Skywalker seems to inspire great confidence in his men.

Ahsoka: he does lead by example.


The Malevolence has just destroyed a Jedi Cruiser and two medical ships.

Grievous:<laughs> so much for the Jedi escort.

Droid: the last transport is fleeing, General. You've got them on the run.

Grievous: they won't get far. Charge the plasma rotors! Fire ion weapon!

The last transport was going to get away but it got caught in the ion cannon's blast leaving it defenseless. The Malevolence moved in for a quick Destruction.

Droid: boy, this is a lot more fun when they're not shooting back.

Droid2: I still can't seem to hit anything.

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