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Benji pov

It was the first day of school and I was extremely tired. I felt as if I hadn't slept in years when in reality I slept every single night.

I had gotten dress up in my typical attire and was headed down stairs. I was greeted with the lovely smell of waffles and bacon. The first day of school special. This was also known as the best breakfast you could ever have. I walked into the kitchen to see my younger brother who would be starting his first year of high school. In front of him was the nice breakfast. I looked over to my spot and saw a bowl of cereal.

"Mom what is this?" I said low-key confused. She looked over at me and sighed.

"Benjamin, you are becoming older now. You need to be treated like an adult" She was sorta right.

I sat down in front of the cereal bowl and shoved a spoonful in my mouth. It tasted like grains and I was not having it. While my mother had her back to me I spilled the cereal into the garbage.

I was finished with whatever I had just eaten and grabbed my backpack ready to head out the door. I then grabbed my phone and put in my ear buds. Today I wanted to not socialize at all.

I walked out the door and headed to my bus stop. I stopped at the end of my street and looked around the corner to see the bus roaring down the street. I made it just in time.

As I entered the bus I saw a head of curls in my usual seat. I realized it was a boy if my age. He had a freckled face and had the hair of a god. Oh god I can't think this way.

"Can I sit here." I said pointing down at the seat he was sitting in. He didn't answer me. I did it by myself. I moved his back to sit on his lap which startled him. He had his ear buds in just like me.

"Oh sorry i didn't see you." He had a Spanish accent. It was sorta soothing. But in a weird way.

"Im Benji." I said sitting down and sticking my hand out so he could shake it.

"One sec Syd." He said to his phone. I realized he was on face time with what seemed like a boy. He then shook my hand back and smiled. "Im Jorge, or you could call me Jeyjey, or Jey." He started to blush a storm.

"Options, I like that. I'll call you Jorge." I felt my face getting hot. He had this weird effect on me I didn't know people could have on one.

"This is Syd, I met him over the internet." Jorge said showing me his phone. Syd then said something but I didn't know what because he had in his earbuds and i couldn't hear. U just waved in return. "K Syd I gotta go. Bye." He said hanging up his phone.

Jorge took out his ear buds and looked at me. "So it's Benji short for Benjamin." I nodded. "That's un gran apodo. (A great nick name.)

I knew some Spanish so I used my abilities to answer him the best I could. "Creo que tienes nombres bastante buenos para." (I think you have pretty good names to.) When I answered him it was like he had just received an exception letter to Harvard. I don't think he expected me to know that.

"I'm trying to understand all English language and so far I think I'm doing genial." (Great.) I decided I wanted to answer him in all Spanish.

"Posiblemente podría ayudarte a ver que es mi primer idioma, mi amor." (I could possibly help you seeing its my first language my love.) He nodded his head smiling.

"Gracias amor." He said returning my sentence. "Did you call me love?" With his words I felt my face getting hot.

"You called me amor back. Don't act innocent." I said laughing. He laughed along with me. I looked over when he stopped and saw him blushing.

"tu dick!" He said pointing out what I said. I didn't get it he looked so adorable cursing. God what did I just say.

"You know I thought you'd have the girls all over you seeing you are sorta hot- wait I mean um." He blushed even more with his words.

"No worries amor." I said. He then relaxed a bit realizing I was okay with it. He then opened his phone.

"Can I um ya know obtener sus dígitos?" (Get your digits.) I looked up at his cheeks now a tomato red.

"Yes tu cosa caliente." (You hot thing.) He smiled with my words and stopped his blushing. "No keep blushing." I whined.

"Call me hot." He said. "I know for sure it will make me blush. He then pulled out his phone. "But use Spanish!" I could tell he was recording but I said it anyway. That's the only way I'll get his number.

"Jorge es el niño más caliente que he conocido." (Jorge is the hottest thing I've ever met.) He then started blushing another storm. He then handed me his phone and let me type my number. I then sent myself a text.

"Why does it say Benji is hot?" He said staring down at the text I sent myself.

"Cuz I am. You can't say no either." I said putting my finger on his chest.

"Wait real quick. Are you gay Benji?" He said. That I didn't know but know I think I do.

"Yeah but your the one that made me fully realize it." I said staring at his lips. I couldn't take it any longer. I pressed my lips to his soft ones and we moved in sync. I just met this boy and I'm already in love with him.

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