Chapter 21 - Yui Questions Her Sexuality

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*WARNING: For mature audiences only!*

Yui slowly opened her eyes and just laid in bed for around 5 minutes before she decided to get up. In that time she was thinking about the conversation she had with Chiharu and Kenji at the park.

After she had gotten out of bed, she went straight to the bathroom and had a shower, she then cleaned her teeth, washed her face and done all of the things she needed to do before taking the next step towards her day.

After Yui had done all the things she needed to do, she went into the kitchen.

Aiichi was sitting at the Kitchen table 30 minutes before taking off for School. He was still a year younger than his Sister, so he wouldn't be graduating with Yui and her friends.

"Ohayou, Aiichi-Kun!" Yui said delightedly. (Ohayou = Good Morning casually in Japanese / Kun = Honorific usually for guys)

Aiichi replied back to her.

Yui stopped and thought about what she wanted to say to her Brother and after a few seconds, she spoke to him.

"Aiichi...please, can I ask you a question?"

Aiichi had immediately stopped what he was doing and focused his attention on his older Sister.

"Yes, of course, fire away!"

It took Yui four seconds later to reply.

"When did you realize that you liked guys?" Yui said kinda nervous.

Aiichi was a little surprised but was happy that she was interested to know about the community he was in.

"Hmm...well, it was actually when I was about 10 years old and there was a boy the same age as me in the same class...while it seemed like all of the boys were always looking at the girls, I was looking at him...he smiled at me and that was when my heart beat faster and I just know that from then on, I was different from the rest of the boys.

Why do you ask, Yui-chan? Is there anything I should know at all?"

Yui gasped a little at the question to her but answered her Brother.

"Well, you know that plan I spoke to you about 2 months ago...well, Chiharu and I were going to go through with it and we were kissing each other to practice...however, as I was kissing her, I think I felt something.

Then the craziest thing happened and Kenji walked in on us...he then stormed out of the room, so Chiharu and I both went after him...then something else happened...

Chiharu started to feel guilty and felt sorry for him after he had apologized for what he did to both of us and she was willing to forgive him...which she eventually did...

This was what had made me really jealous...not jealous of Chiharu because she was willing to forgive him...but jealous of Kenji because Chiharu was willing to forgive him...

Does that make sense to you, Aiichi?"

Aiichi had listened to every word Yui had to say and he could kind of relate to what she was saying...not relate as in her plan with Chiharu, but relate as in becoming jealous of someone else getting close to your crush.

", Yui-chan, by this analogy, I think you could have potential feelings for your best friend, Chiharu...I don't know if you are though, but this is a possibility and the first sign that you could actually be into girls."

Yui was shocked and confused. She had never ever in her life been attracted to anyone of the same sex and she didn't think she ever would...even after her Brother's words, she still didn't believe it and didn't want to believe it because she was into men and only men...that is what she strongly believed and kept telling herself.

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