Last One- Scenes 18 and 19

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Beau: DEMI!! CAR!!

Demi has panicked look on her face- car comes towards her and doesn't stop- crashes into her- (stage lights go bright and fade out to black)

*Scene 18*

Demi laying on the road, unconscious, 

Joe: (rushes over to Demi) Holy shit! Dem, you ok. DEMI! She's unconscious

Adele: omg omg omg 

Ethan: calm down Adele. She's gonna be fine. I'll ring 911.

Ethan goes to (stage left) , Adele and Joe are with Demi, Beau is shouting at the driver

Beau: what the fuck is wrong with you mate, you just hit my girlfriend with your car and she's unconscious (drivers windows were up so you couldn't see who was driving it) roll down your fucking window mate, you could've killed her

driver rolled down window

Adele: Jesse! what the fuck is wrong with you! you could of killed her

Jesse: oh i didn't kill her, oh never mind then, next time

Adele: what the fuck is wrong with you. She hasn't done anything to you and you hit her with your car! you're messed up!

Jesse: (gets out of the car) what makes you think that you can talk to me like that for


Beau: i don't even know who you are but you're a bitch, you have problems 

Adele: (to Beau) he and his snobby girlfriend tease her at school all the time

Beau: even that tells me you're a bitch. Just because she's better looking than you and is more talented than you dont mean you can tease her or nearly run her over

Jesse: jeez it wasn't even that bad, she's still alive right so it's fine

Adele: it's not fine, she is now badly injured because of you

Beau: she could have multiple complications and injuries because of you

Jesse: well nevermind, i'm out of here (reverses and leaves)

Joe is still sitting by Demi and Ethan just got off the phone

Ethan: the ambulence will be here in 5

Adele: thank god, how is she Joe, Joe?

Joe: (crying)(muttering whilst praying) please be ok i love you so much don't leave me now. You're strong. Stay with me now. Come on, at least wake up, Demi

Adele: Joe you good

Joe: yeah yeah i'm fine (holding onto Demi's hand) she's still unconscious but she's breathing and her hearts beating 

Ethan: the ambulance is coming

Beau: thank god

Medic: what happened here

Joe: she got pushed off the pavement and got hit by a car

Medic: ok, (checks wounds, heart rate, BP)

Medic 2: where's the car now

Adele: he drove off but we know who hit her

 Medic 2: ok

Medic: good thing you stayed with her otherwise she wouldn't of been spotted

Joe: yeah, will she be ok?

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