Deal || Denki Kaminari

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I ran my fingers through my hair as I attempted to finish the homework Aizawa had piled on me, I was gone for a day to go to this advanced training thing. Thankfully, Iida delivered me the work I missed and Aizawa took notes for me. Before I could even thank Aizawa, he gave me a fat stack of homework. How nice, am I right? He said I had two days to finish it and I was only halfway done with it, but it was due tomorrow. I've been sulking in my dorm room all day and not even bothering to go out for dinner or breakfast, thank god it was the weekend. I heard a knock on my door and groaned, dropping my pencil and pushing myself up from my desk. I went over and opened the door, revealing Mina, Uraraka, Tsuyu, Jiro, Momo, and Toru. "What? What is it?" I asked and stretched my arms, hoping that whatever evil plans they had this time wasn't that bad.

Mina smiled and held onto her pillow, "We're bored and you seemed really stressed, so you're gonna hang out with us in the commons!" She said and grabbed my hand before I had time to interject something. Uraraka closed my door and trailed behind us, I was praying that Aizawa wouldn't kill me if I went over my time.

We played a few rounds of truth or dare but had to stop when Mineta came in and tried to play with us, it was disgusting. Who knew someone as small as him could hold so much brain space for his wild fantasies. I stood up and gave them a pitiful look, "I'm bored, I'm gonna go back to my room and finish my homework before Aizawa kills me." I said as I grabbed the pillow Toru took from my bed.

Uraraka shot up and shook her head quickly, "No-no! Uh, here, I bet you twenty dollars Kaminari won't kiss you!" She whispered shouted Denki's name. My face flushed and twisted in confusion, but I still dropped my pillow and trudged over to Denki. I could feel the girls' stares burning into my back as I got closer to Denki.

He was seated on the couches with Kirishima, Bakugou, and Sero. I could care less though because I wanted that money and I wanted to go finish my homework so I got to live and be healthy instead of being murdered by Aizawa. "Hey, Kaminari." I yawned, "My best friend bet twenty bucks that you won't kiss me, but if you do we can split the money fifty/fifty."

Everyone he was sitting with stared at my unphased expression, Kaminari was currently as flushing mess. "I-I uh-what?" He asked, looking completely dumbfounded.

Sero burst out laughing and Kirishima did too, "Oh, Denki!" Sero howled, playfully hitting him on the back of the head.

I watched Denki's eyes dart around the room, to the floor, to me, to his friends, back to me. "Uh, hmm.'" He muttered as if he had to think about it, I gave him two options. Normally, I would've chickened out the second Uraraka said it and just sat through my boredom but I was so tired from being sleep deprived that I couldn't really focus that well. "Hm, I have a better idea. How about instead of splitting the money, you keep it and just date me instead." He scanned my face for a reaction to his idea.

I chewed at the inside of my lip, finally snapping back to reality. It was twenty bucks and I pretty much earned myself a free boyfriend, so why the hell not? I smiled and nodded, "Deal." I replied with a bit more emotion showing this time. Denki smirked and stood up, grabbing my wrist and pulling me towards him. His lips crashed with mine, and I let out a gasp. I didn't expect him to do that, though it was super hot. He pulled away reluctantly and laughed at my expression. "Damn." I muttered and stared at him with a shocked look.

He kissed my cheek and let go of my wrist, "You should probably go sleep after you get your money, huh?" He asked completely ignoring Bakugou's remarks. I nodded, it was my turn to be dumbfounded. How the hell did this soft adorable boy just turn into a hot fucking man and dominate me in one motion? I turned around, a small smile tugging at the corners of my lips.

I waddled back over and sat down on my pillow, "Twenty bucks, huh?" I asked the group of girls who were just as shocked.

When I woke up the next morning, there was breakfast sitting on the desk where I had passed out and a little note that said; 'I told Aizawa you needed to sleep and he gave you an extra day'. I smiled softly to myself, if I had known that Denki really did like me I would've confessed to him sooner. I guess this way I got money out of it and I didn't even have to worry about stuttering due to being pretty much brain dead. I could already tell that he captured my heart, all over twenty bucks.


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