Parenting || Eijiro Kirishima

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a/n: i was debating on making this a denki or a kirishima one because they both share one brain cell


I let out a loud sigh as I threw my bag over my shoulder, I had just finished my study session with Izuku. Needless to say, it was extremely boring and with all the energy drinks I chugged my heart is now running a marathon and I'm pretty sure it's in first place. Izuku had passed out on his desk and I've left Kirishima alone for a day and a half so I should probably check on him, I walked over and pushed my sticky note to Izuku's desk. It was just telling him I left and that we should study again another time. The first few hours of us studying went just fine, in fact, it was making studying fun. Then he started to ramble and skip ahead a few chapters and then go back three chapters, so we broke off from studying together and studied in separate corners of the room.

It was about five or six in the morning, we pulled an all-nighter since both of us were behind with studying. The only reason I agreed is because me and Izuku trained a lot together so why would I turn him down for studying? I stepped out of Izuku's bedroom, "Hi Ms. Midoriya, Deku fell asleep at his desk and I'm really tired myself so I'm gonna go home. Thank you for letting me stay!" I smiled at her. She looked a bit confused, which just confused me. "Oh, right sorry, Izuku's been going by Deku lately. It's his hero name now."

Her face softened and shifted into a smile, "Oh! Some classmates of Izuku's used to use that name to make fun of him, I just got confused. I'm glad he's changing the meaning, thank you for coming! You and all his 1-A buddies are all so sweet, come over any time!" She gave me a wave as I turned to exit. Izuku's mom was so sweet, I wanted to protect her so much.

I headed down the stairs leading outside. I would call Kirishima but my phone died and I didn't bring the charger because I didn't want any distractions. Knowing him, he was probably awake training now. It couldn't be too early since Izuku's mom was awake, maybe she just woke up really early. I clung onto my jacket, despite it being spring the mornings were always cold as hell. I didn't bother to head home first since I basically lived at Kirishima's house in the first place.

I walked up on to his front door, knocking the little passcode we came up with. We got bored one day while his parents were gone and came up with a little knock, it was morse code for 'open up bitch' and he knocked back with 'fuck you' before opening. It became such a habit that I did it without even realizing it sometimes. The door opened up to reveal Kirishima's mom, "Hey sweetie, Eijiro was just about to go over to your house. He's in his room, he's been complaining about how much he misses you a lot." She gave me a sweet smile.

I nodded and headed into the house, his dad gave me a hug. "Oh thank god you showed up, Eijiro kept whining about you. If you were gone for a few more hours I think I might've gone insane." He said and set me down, "Please never leave Eijiro alone again, I don't think I can take it." He pouted.

I laughed and waved my hand, "I won't, I promise." I reassured him and headed towards Kirishima's bedroom. "Heyy, babe, I'm home!" I teased, calling out into his empty room. I heard something from the bathroom, so I obviously walked over to the bathroom and opened the door.

Kirishima was huddled over in front of the sink, "Hey babe! Do you want partial custody over these tadpoles? I'm training them to be really buff and manly, like me!" He cheered and pointed to the sink.

My face dropped as I looked at the sink, sure enough, there were a bunch of tadpoles swimming around. "You're raising tadpoles in your bathroom sink?" I asked, even if I knew the answer I couldn't even wrap my brain around how he managed to get tadpoles into the house and into his sink.

He nodded, "Yeah, I saw these little guys in a fish tank on the side of the street. I rescued them, I'm their dad now!" He gave the sink a little hug.

I walked over and gave him a kiss, "I'm going to sleep." I muttered and walked out of the bathroom back to his bedroom. I dropped my bag and tore off my jacket, falling into his bed. How the hell did my boyfriend manage to become the father of tadpoles? Does this mean we have to get married now? Who's gonna take care of them while we're at school? Is he cheating on me with Tsuyu? I'm never leaving Kirishima alone again.


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