Chapter 12

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Daryl's POV

"This is bullshit." I say pacing back and forth. Glenn had put her down on the bed, he got shot in the leg. Then she was gone. She's fucking gone! 

"Listen, calm down Daryl. We'll find Ashlynn. She's a survivor. Just like her mom." He said, looking at Michelle. (Btw that's Ashlynn"s mom's name.) I sigh and continue to pace.

I pick up my crossbow and made my way outside. It was getting dark, so it was going to be hard to track but, I went out anyway. I was determined to find her by sunset tomorrow. 

Ashlynn's POV 

"I'm not tellin' ya shit." I hiss. Gareth nods his head. I started realizing every time he nodded his head, that notified the man next to him to start punching or kicking me.  

Another punch to the head makes me dizzy and a kick to the stomach makes me want to hurl. The man kicks me again, this time at the side and I let out a scream. 

"That's enough Steven, that's enough." The man, I now know as Steven, walks away from me. "I'll be back later with more questions." Gareth says and slams the door shut behind him. 

Every breath I take hurts, and every movement I make brings searing pain to my body. My head's pounding and my vision is blurred. I don't even want to know what I look like right now. Although, I could imagine all the cuts and bruises covering my body. 

The door creaks open and a young boy steps in. He's probably about 15 or 16 years old. He's quiet at first. 

"Here's a water. I wouldn't recommend drinking this one though. I got you another one." He says. 

"What's wrong with other one?" I ask. He's quiet again, but this time for longer. 

"Gareth poisoned it. I watched him, so I have one that's been untouched." He says. He tosses the bottle at me and I catch with the arm that isn't covered in bruises.

"Thanks kid." I say uncapping the bottle and taking a sip of the cool liquid. I smile in satisfaction. "I'm Kyle." He says. 

"Ashlynn. Thanks for the water Kyle. I haven't had cold water in a long time." He chuckles and I roll my eyes. He starts to walk out the door but turns around before closing the leaving. 

"Oh and here take these. It'll help get out of those chains." He says tossing some pliers to me. Before I could say thanks he had already shut the door behind him.I sigh and reach for the pliers. 

 I undo one chain and then the other, now I just have to wait so I could kill Gareth and steven. 


I've been falling in and out of sleep for the last 2 hours, still no one has come through that metal door. I'm about to give up and just give up but, the door squeaks open. Gareth walks in, Steven following behind him. 

"You ready for more questions?" He asks. I nod with a smirk playing on my face.  "Who else is your group?" He asks. 

I smile and shrug my shouders. He nods letting Steven go on and punch and kick me. 

"Y'all stupid." I say. Steven stops mid way through his pucnch. I laugh and show them that my hands are free. I stand up and kick Steven in between his legs. Then swing a punch at his face. 

I hear footsteps running out the door. I give Steven a kick in the side and then run out the door. I follow Gareth's footsteps until I don't hear them no more. 

I walk past a hallway, only to be tackled to the ground. The pliers fly out of my hands and another punch is thrown at my face. I manage to throw Gareth off of me and I clumsily stand up, kicking Gareth in the side. 

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