Chapter 16

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* * * * * *

Selene was roughly thrown into a king-sized bed.

"The leader will be with you in a second" the man said with a disturbing smile, and left the room.

Selene jumped off the bed and ran to the door, finding it locked. She turned around to see for a way to escape, she knew the leader's intentions, and she did not want to stay here any longer. She rushed to the window that was facing the bed, locked too. Before she could find another way the door opened and the leader came in, a sinister smile on his face that made Selene turn cold.

He slowly walked towards her, she wanted to step back, but her fear had her set in one place. No, please no. He put his hands on her shoulders, and in one second threw her to the bed.

"I've never been the romantic kind" he said as he walked to the bed and placed the top of her. "This will be satisfying, at least for me"

"No!" Selene yelled punching him with all her effort throwing the leader to the floor. She quickly jumped off the bed. Selene turned to look at a door next to the bed. She took a step toward it, but before she could continue the leader had her down.

"You bitch" he said as she fought him, trying to get away from him. "I'll have you, and I'll enjoy every second of it"

"Get off of me!" Selene screamed, but he was much stronger than her and had her hands by her side.

"No" she said in between sobs as the leader began kissing her mouth, Selene tuned her head to the left, but that only made it worse as he began to lower his mouth to her neck. He then got a hold of both of her wrists in his left hand, and with the other began to rip her clothes off of her.

"Someone help me" Selene cried in hope as she tried with all her might to get away from the man. He was licking all of her, touching wherever he wanted, leaving a repulsive sensation.

"It's time bitch" he said as began to unzip his pants "you will have the ride of your life" he said licking her middle.

"Stop!" Selene finally achieved in freeing one of her hands and bring it into contact with his face. As soon as she did it his hold loosened. She placed both of her hands in his shoulder and raised her knee. He screamed in pain as her knee landed in between his legs, he got into a fetus position and she took advantage of the moment to get away from him and run to the door beside the bed.

Selene opened the door to find that it was a bathroom, she rapidly closed the door and locked it from inside.

"Come back here!" she heard him yell.

Selene brought her hands to her face, and the tears kept flowing out of her eyes. There was a loud thud on the door, and Selene yelled.

"Wait 'till I get a hold of you, you will wish you have never been born"

"Help me" Selene whispered in between sobs.

* * * * * *

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