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It was something that randomly slipped from your lips late one night while you were staying with Ash. You explained to her how it's something you've wanted for years now but you were too afraid to go on your own. When she offered to go with you the following morning you were beyond excited, deciding that you'd get it done the next day.

So here you are now. Looking around the almost empty shop as Ashley held you close to her while you watched the only other customer in the shop finish getting his tattoo done. The sound of the needle made you feel like your knees were gonna buckle from underneath you. Ashley looked at you and saw how pale you had gone, your focus on your shoes to try to distract yourself. "Hey" Ash quietly spoke, her hand under your chin to make you look up at her. "Babe if you're too nervous you don't have to get it." You looked back at the needle once more before looking back at Ashley. "No. No I want to. Will you hold my hand." Ashley giggled and grabbed your hand in hers before pressing her lips to it softly. "Always." The needle suddenly stopped and the guy admired his tattoo for a second before walking out of the shop. The tattoo artist waved you over and gave you a friendly smile. "Know what you want?" You nodded and described to him what you wanted before laying down on the table, your right arm out as he disinfected it and your left hand clasped tightly in Ashley's.

You heard the needle start up and you turned your face to look at Ash, her thumb rubbing over your knuckles. "Hey hey hey. It's okay. I'm here. Just focus on me." You closed your eyes, wincing when the needle touched your skin. "Shhh it's okay." Ashley moved her other hand up to your hair and she ran her hands through it, her nails lightly scratching at your scalp. "does it look okay?" She looked over and smiled when she saw the ink on your skin, looking back at you before pressing a soft kiss to your head. "It looks beautiful."

You heard the needle stop a few minutes later making your heart leap in your chest. "All done. It looks great." Ashley helped you sit up before you looked at the ink on your skin. The words "stay strong" were now permanently etched onto your skin and it looked so beautiful that it made you gasp. You ran your finger over it and looked up at Ash who was smiling with you. "Told you it looks beautiful." She kissed your cheek before you both stood up and walked over to the cashier and paying for your brand new tattoo.

When you walked out of the shop you immediately stopped to admire your tattoo. Ashley laughed and ran her fingers over it. "It looks so beautiful on you." She pressed a kiss to it before pulling out her phone and snapping a few pics of it. She was as obsessed with it as you and she was ready to help you show it off to everyone. 

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