Tsubasa: Welcome. I am AKB0048's manager and producer, Katagiri Tsubasa. Good afternoon, auditionees. Welcome to 00's Flying Get. This is the 00's ship where the auditionees stays and trains for 2 weeks.

Mimori: You will be going through selection process for the 80th generation.

Orine: Just like the previous selection processes, all of you will undergo different training. Physical, mental, and emotional training. If you think you can't continue in this journey, better to quit now than to regret it later.

Kanata: AKB0048 needs members who have the determination to pass all obstacles that they encounter. And their love for music and members who believe that our music can bring happiness and smiles to people.

Chieri and Nagisa entered the hall. Everyone cheered for them.

Chieri: Being a 00 member is not easy.

Nagisa: If you thing that the only thing that we do is to look good in cameras, sing, dance, pose in the magazine pages, you're wrong.

Chieri: Joining half-heartedly is not good enough in this group. Joining the group means to surrender all selfishness and cooperate with each other.

Tsubasa: You have to choose which path you will take. So, you need to do things that you think that can help you. The girls who will pass the selection round will have the chance to go in the 00's homeland, Akibastar.

"Akibastar." Atsura said.

Kanata: Your audition song will be... UZA. Now, this is your schedule for tomorrow.

After they talked about their schedule they dismissed all girls and let them rest.

Atsura:I can't believe I saw Nagisa-chan in person, Karen!

"Nee, Atsura. Do you think we can pass the selection round?"

When Karen said it Atsura immediately punch Karen in the arm.

"OUCH! Why did you punch me?"

"How many times do I have to tell you to stop thinking negative things? All we need to do is to believe that we can do it. If we don't believe that we can do it then how will we pass? And I think we can easily pass the training, of all things that we've pass through........"

~~~Tomorrow....Training Arena.........

Atsura: This is the most difficult thing. Ah. The micsaber. Karen help me! I can't control it.

The other girls laughed at Atsura.

"That's what you get when you are so over-confident that you can do it. I shouldn't have come here if these are the only thing that we do. " One girl said.

"It's better than sitting there. At least she's trying her best to control and master the micsaber, unlike you, who only think that you can pass if you sing well. 00 is not just about singing and dancing. Being a 00 member means to be able to protect the fans. How could you be a member if the only thing that you do is sit there and complain?" Rina defended Atsura.

Girl 2: Oh, big talk from a loser. I heard you also tried to audition last year in 00 but unfortunately you failed.

"Psh. How about you? I heard you already audition for 7 times?" Yuna butted in.

Because of what Yuna said the girl took steps back which cause her to fall. All girls laughed at her except for Atsura,Karen , Rina and Yuna.

"A-are you okay? Here hold my hand." Atsura offered.

Girl 2: Don't touch me! I hate you!

~~~~~~~~~At the cafeteria...

"*sigh* It's our first day together in training then something like earlier happened." Atsura said.

"They should've quitted if their attitude is like that." Rina said.

"You should have punch them Atsura. They said something negative. When people say negative things you punch them." Karen joked.

"Haha. Nice joke but I think it would not be effective. But I don't understand why I can't control the micsaber. " Atsura said.

"It takes time to master it, Atsura. But don't stop practicing, okay?" Yuna said together with a smile.

~~~~~Atsura did what Yuna told her. And after 2 weeks, the day that all girls have been waiting came. The selection round.

Tsuabasa: Your audition round will be held here in Iranustar. Girls, good luck.

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