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Irene's POV

She ran over to see and started to untie me, telling me that I'll be okay.

"Who are you?" I asked

"My name is.."


I immediately woke up realizing that everything was a dream. It all seemed so real. The emotions and the fear rushing through me. It was terrifying.

"Argh that was horrible." I said. I looked over to my clock and saw that it was 8am. "Fuck! I'm late!" I yelled as I ran around trying to get ready. I ran downstairs to see my bodyguards and driver waiting outside. It's bothersome to have them around me all day but it's my father's orders.

They drove me to where I was having my photoshoot. When I got out of the car, I was met by Wendy. She's my manager. I've been modeling and acting for five years and Wendy has been my best friend and manager since my first day on the job.

"You're finally here Irene. You're just on time so thats good. The cameras are good to go so we're just missing the person to complete it so let's go!" She excitedly said dragging me into my dressing room to get ready.

We finished the shoot early so Wendy took me to a nearby cafe called YG Cafe for lunch. We took the seat by the window. My bodyguards just sat at the table next to us.

"Work is so stressful." I said with a sigh. "Oh shush Irene. It's not that hard." She replied with a laugh. I rolled my eyes. "You try having cameras on you all the time everyday with bodyguards up your ass too." I said. Wendy started laughing at me and I just put my head down.

I didn't realize when a waitress walked up to us until she asked for our order. We just ordered some water with a couple dishes. The waitress left to prepare our food.

As Wendy and I were talking, the door opened and the person who walked in caught my attention. She was tall and she was absolutely gorgeous. Everybody stared at her and I couldn't really blame them.

She sat at the table in front of us, also by the window seat. When she sat down, she looked out the window and it seemed like she was thinking about something. Her face seemed like it was glowing with the light hitting her. She was absolutely stunning. When she smiled at the waitress, the waitress somehow stumbled over to the counter without falling. Which was a miracle.

"Irene!" Wendy yelled and I quickly looked back to her. "Huh?" I asked. "You weren't paying attention. I was asking you if you wanted to take the offer for a sports drink commercial." She told me. I didn't care so I just nodded.

After Wendy and I ate our food, we decided to leave. On our way home, we passed by a store and Wendy went in to buy us some drinks for our way home. While I was waiting outside, someone suddenly grabbed my hand and dragged me into an alleyway. Shit. Am I getting kidnapped? I screamed for help to hear no sound as there was something covering my mouth.

"Well what do we have here? A lonely girl? Don't worry. I'll keep you company." One of the three figures said. They laughed and I could tell that they were all men from their build and voices. "Just wait until my bodyguards get here. All of you are going to get your fucking asses beat." I yelled at them.

"Now, now miss Irene. Don't use that bad language. Your father won't like that." Someone said. I recognized that voice. It was Jonghyun. One of my bodyguards. "That's right miss. Your father won't appreciate that foul language." It was my other bodyguard, Minho. I was shocked to see them betray me like that. "Your father ruined our family!" Minho said. "We'll get our revenge with his daughter in return." Jonghyun added. Minho grabbed me as Jonghyun started reaching for my shirt. The third man held a phone to record. I shut my eyes and hoped for someone to come help me.

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