Chapter 36

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WARNING: this is going to be a kinda long Author's Note so if you don't care about why I haven't uploaded in what feels like forever, please feel free to skip past all the bold print.

Okay, so if you guys saw my message, you'll know I've been really sick all this week, so sick my mom wouldn't let me go to dance (I nearly died without dance). I'm just now feeling better so that really put a damper (did I seriously just say that?) on my plans for the week. My goal was to do my homework as soon as I got in from school so that I would have all this weekend to focus on writing, but unfortunately, with me getting sick, as soon as I got home I would crash and sleep until it was time for dinner, so my homework kind of piled up. Also, being sick and sleeping so much meant it was literally impossible for me to write. I couldn't think straight and everything I tried to type sounded awful, so I didn't even bother. But I'm feeling a lot better now and hopefully I'll be able to actually do my homework this week and write more. All the rest of the important stuff is going to be at the end of the chapter so please read that when you're done to see some announcements!

xx Shel

Chapter 36

“Hey, guys!” I waved at the camera I was holding out in front of me. It had been a week since Paul uploaded our backstage video from the concert and it had had such a great reaction that Paul told me I could start vlogging the tour if I wanted to. I had brought the idea up to him before, but he said I wouldn’t have time, but now with my injury I had all the time in the world. “So, we’re currently in the hotel in Atlanta, Georgia, and we just got here about an hour ago. We have today off then tomorrow we’ll have rehearsals and the show. Then we go to… I can’t remember what’s next.” I glanced over my shoulder and shouted to Niall. “Hey, babe?”

He came out of the bedroom, his phone pressed to his ear. “What’s wrong?”

“Oh, nothing. Sorry, I didn’t know you were still on the phone. I was just going to ask where we were heading after Atlanta.”

“It’s fine. Tampa then Fort Lauderdale.”

“We only have two shows left!?”

He nodded. “Insane, I know. I gotta get back to this call, love.”

“Right, yeah.” I waved as he walked to our room. “Okay, yeah. That was Niall obviously. He’s on the phone with Paul, I believe. Anyway, in case you couldn’t hear him, we only have two stops left! That means this weekend I get my cast off and get a boot instead! Woo-hoo!” I did a happy dance that caused me to fall off the arm of the couch and land on the cushions. I let out a noise as my cast landed on the floor and sent a vibration up my leg that made me cringe.

“Red?” Niall called.

“I’m fine, Ni! Promise!” I shouted back, pulling myself into a sitting position and repositioning the camcorder. “Sorry, guys. I’m a massive klutz. Okay, well that’s all I have to say for now. I’ll record some more tonight when we get together for dinner. Bye, for now!” I turned the camera off and sat it on the glass coffee table.

I looked around the room for a minute, then grabbed my crutches and hoisted myself to my feet. I could stand pretty normally now, meaning I could actually put pressure on my foot, so it was quite a bit easier to get around now. I was in the bedroom Niall and I were sharing in under two minutes instead of the ten it used to take. He was hanging up the phone as I came in.

“Hey,” I said, leaning against the doorframe.

He glanced over his shoulder, an instant smile appearing on his lips. “Hey, there. Finish your vlog for the day?”

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