chapter 2

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"hey izuku I have a lot of stuff to do today and I don't want to bring y/n with me can you stay here with her?" Inko asked her son getting ready to walk out the door for school. "b-but I have school today." izuku was low-key irritated because he got up, got ready and for what. "oh ok well then she can stay home alone." inko didn't really like the thought of her daughter staying home alone. "i-i'll take her to school!" izuku offered, and now you're walking through the halls with your brother while people were staring at midoriya.

"hey deku! awww who's this?" uraraka exclaimed. "this is my little sister Y/n." izuku smiled putting a hand on your h/c hair. "you never told me you had a sister." uraraka pouted. "t-thats because we adopted her." izuku said. he didn't really like that word he doesn't know why though. probably because anytime he says it you look sad. aizawa came up to the door way where izuku and uraraka were talking. "who is this?" aizawa asked narrowing his eyes at you. "it's my sister Y/n, can she stay with me for the day?" izuku asked. "fine but only this once." aizawa grumbled walking back inside the class.

izuku took a seat in his normal spot with you on his lap. "izuku has brought his sister to school, please don't get distracted you're still in school." aizawa looked around the room before speaking again. "anyways you guys have a test today so I'll give you until my nap is over to study." aizawa pulled up his yellow sleeping bag and flopped onto the ground. bakugou looked at you then midoriya.

"DAMN DEKU I NEVER KNEW YOU HAD A SISTER!!!!!!!!!" bakugou yelled. "sorry kacchan. she's only been with us since yesterday." midoriya exclaimed. you stared at him, not really liking him yelling at your brother. "don't yell at big brother!" you yelled at him. izuku blushed at you trying to defend him. "who do you think you are?!" bakugou yelled. "yelling at a kid isn't really manly!" kirishima cut in. "mind your business 💩 hair!!" bakugou fumed. "guys calm down we don't want to wake aizawa up remember what happened last time?" Mina said. "yeah we don't want to repeat that." denki shuddered.

soon it was time for lunch, izuku had grabbed a lunchable for you. you were munching on (f/f) when mocking monoma came up. "oh look its the babies of 1-a." he laughed. "that was good." he mumbled to himself.

everyone ignored him until he 'accidentally' trapped and his tray spilled all over. the tray almost hit izuku but he ducked and it hit you with the corner instead. it left an immediate bruise. you held your head where it hit you. "oh my god you hit a little kid in the head with a tray! shame on you." kendou came and knocked him out with her own tray. "I'm so sorry is she ok?" she asked. "she'll be ok its just-- holy crap." izuku looked at your forehead that was bleeding a little. you cried into his chest. "hey it's ok." izuku rubbed your back. "your mom is gonna kill you." uraraka chuckled. "I can get recovery girl." iida said while doing his ultimate karate chop that can defeat thanos. "are you ok (y/n)?" uraraka asked. you said yes but it was muffled because you still had your head in dekus chest.

-time skip brought to you by shigaraki's crusty lips-

"we're home!" izuku yelled. "oh great how was your guy's day?" inko asked coming into the living room. "goo-" "WHAT HAPPENED TO MY BABY?!!" inko yelled looking at your injured forehead. "I'm ok." you said.

izuku had to hold his mother back from going to u.a. inko is very protective of her kids.

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