A New Life At Ouran

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Stares. That's what you get for wearing black at Ouran. Everyone kept whispering something about a Black

Magic club around me. Just cause I wear black doesn't mean I'm a witch. Sheesh. I'm really starting to regret getting kicked out if my old school. At least there I could dress however I wanted to without being criticized by a bunch of spoiled rich kids. Just to clarify, I'm not a spoiled or rich kid. Some rich kid's parent paid for me for publicity. Anyways I don't get what's so weird about black skinny jeans and a red tank.

"New girl!"

I turn around to see a bubbly blond in the schools frilly uniform. "Hi! I'm Ai."

"Oh, uh, I'm Tukiko"

She giggled and said, "Awesome! I was thinking since your new you wouldn't have many things and we could go to the host club together."

"Uh.. Sure." I might as well try to make friends because I'll be stuck here for awhile. If I get kicked out of here I'll have to just focus on finding a living instead of education.

"Too be honest I wasn't really sure about you," Ai commented as we walked up a flight of stairs, " But a friend in the host club wanted to meet you, so you can't be that bad."

Great. So the only reason she even talked to me was to be an errand girl for a real friend. It's going to be a long four years. "We're here!" Ai announced as she opened the doors to music room #3.

I really didn't know what to expect when I got there. But it honestly wasn't a mini Paris. Girls were everywhere giggling and blushing. It made me want to puke. A tall black haired boy walked up to me and asked, " Do you have an appointment with one of the hosts?"

The blonde who dragged me here said, "Kyouya! This is Tukiko, Tamaki said he wanted to see her!"

Kyouya sighed and responded by saying, " You were supposed to escort her here AFTER our public hours."

Ai started freaking out, "Omigoshi'msosorrtididn'trealizeyouwantedherherelater."

He just sighed and grabbed my wrist leading me deep into the faux Paris. He sat me down at a table and said, " Sit here until all girls have left. Don't try to leave or we will have to bring you back by force." Having said that he left to go attend to some squealing girls.

I didn't feel like being dragged back here so I stayed. At least here girls were to distracted to make fun of my appearance. Just to describe myself in a little more detail, I'm 5 feet tall with black wavy hair that reaches my waist. I have red eyes and unusually pale skin. I'm wearing a dark red tank with black skinny jeans. I also have on my signature combat boots. Last but not least I have my dads dog tags around my neck.

I was too busy playing with my dog tags to notice that all the girls had left and there was a blond boy standing in front of me. He shoved his face close to mine and said, "So your Tukiko. You're not what I expected."

I leaned back in my chair to get away from him, "Sorry I don't fit your requirements your highness," I said sarcastically.

"It's quite alright!" Wow, did he actually think I was sorry? "But you'll need a makeover if you want to work with us!"

"I never said I wanted to work with you!" I exclaimed.

"Hmm.. Now that I think about it your tough appearance may keep those commoners away.."

"Anyone wanna explain what the hell he's going on about?" I asked angrily.

The cruel guy who escorted me in said, "We were hoping because of your background in martial arts, you'd accept the job of a body guard for the host club and it's guests."

"Why would you need a body guard when you have him?" I questioned pointing at Misukuni Haninozuka. "And why would you even need security?"

Kyouya sighed and began to explain, "If Honey were to fight it would ruin his image as a Boy-Lolita . As for why we need you, last week many boys from the public schools broke in and terrorized the girls. We took care if it but it would have been easier had we hade some help."

"No way" I said. I saw a flash of orange-ish blonde hair but I ignored it.

No one said anything until my chair suddenly fell back from my leaning. It somehow hit the table which caused the tea set in it to fall to the floor and break.

I stood up and stared at the shattered tea set. A boy in my class with orange-ish blonde hair came up to my side, "That was an antique," he said with a mischievous grin.

His twin came up on my other side, "It was worth around ¥450,000,000."

"Forty-F-five million?!" I stammered.

"If only you were willing to take up a job to pay it off" one twin, Karou, said

"Unless you can pay the debt now commoner,"the other mocked.

"You planned this!" I accused.

The twins look shocked but I could tell it was fake. "We would never do something so devious." They said in unison.

"Fine. I'll be your stupid little security guard." I said angrily. This was going

to be one heck of a school year.

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