Chapter 5

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Author's Note: Here's chapter 5. Hope you enjoy!


Friday 17th of September

"Mmm" Santana hummed into Brittany's lips.

Since their second kiss the day before, the girls had enjoyed exploring their new level of friendship.

Santana and Brittany were lying on Brittany's bed get their mack on and showing each other how they felt.

"Britt" Santana said pulling away from Brittany. The blonde just followed Santana's lips with her own and continued kissing.

"Britt!" Santana repeated, this time with a little more force. Brittany pulled away and they sat up. Both girls saddened at the loss of contact.

Santana looked down and fiddled with Brittany's fingers as she muttered "Iwanttotakeyouonadate".

"What?" Brittany giggled. Her eyebrows raised as she struggled to hear her friend.

"I want to take you on a date Britt" Santana said with more confidence. "I really like when we make out and stuff but I want to do things right. You don't have to go if you don't want to but-" she was cut off by Brittany pressing a hard kiss to her lips.

"I'd really like that San" she answered with a soft smile.

"Oh great! How about tonight?" Santana asked. Brittany just nodded in return.


Santana was all ready to go and she went downstairs and found her parents sat at the table.

"Where are you going?" Raphael enquired with a smile. "You look beautiful".

"Thanks Pa. I'm actually going out on a date". She replied.

Raphael and Maribel looked at each other, intrigued by their daughters plans.

"Who's the lucky lady?" Maribel questioned.

Santana took a seat opposite her parents. "Umm Brittany" she said hesitantly.

"Brittany from next door?" Raphael further questioned. Santana nodded and said "I don't know any other Brittany's".

"Well have fun sweetie" Maribel said with a smile. Santana was just glad they didn't question her further or start giving her a lecture.

She grabbed her purse and made her way next door.


"Good evening Susan, Good evening David" Santana said with a friendly smile. She needed to impress Brittany's parents.

"Hello Santana. You look lovely" David said with a grin.

Santana wore a black dress that fit her well. It hugged her in all the right places and the bottom sat just above her knees. She matched it with some black heels and her purse. Her hair was gently curled and sat just below her shoulders.

Santana made her way into the Pierce's house and stood in the hallway waiting for Brittany.

When Brittany floated down the stairs, Santana's jaw dropped slightly. Brittany was in a Blue dress that hugged her around the chest and waist but flowed out from her hips. Her blonde hair was straightened and free to move around. She had black heels on and carried a black purse. She looked stunning.

"Hi" Brittany greeted. "You look amazing!" Brittany stood there looking the brunette over, taking in her appearance.

"Hey. You look stunning" Santana replied as she let her gaze fall all over Brittany.

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