Sunrise, Sunset [4]

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After about an hour of letting Vanessa be shut in her room I decided that I would go talk to her. I mean, I am the older sister, I need to find out what is wrong. I walked over to her room and knocked softly. I didn't hear anything so I knocked again. I heard an annoyed groan and the floor creak. The door swung open and Vanessa stood in her pajamas and hair in pigtails.

"Vanessa, can we talk?" I asked clasping my hands in front of me. Vanessa rolled her eyes and walked back to her bed, leaving the door open. I took this as an invitation and followed her in. I sat gently on the edge of her bed and stared at the floor.

"What do you want, Em?" Vanessa asked as she scooted herself up to the headboard and grabbed a pillow to hug.

"I just want to know what is wrong. I've never seen you act like that before. You're always so carefree and...I just though you'd be happy that I was talking to someone and that the someone was a guy! I was being social! Well, you know, minus the falling into the canal part," I said scratching my head. I looked up and gave her a weak smile.

"Listen," Vanessa began. "I am glad that you took me along with you on this trip. I am glad that you let me doll you up for tonight. I'm glad that you went out with me. I'm glad that you were talking to someone. I am just not so glad that you were talking to that particular person." I gave Vanessa a confused look. "Emma, I don't want to lose you this fast," Vanessa said sliding down the headboard until she was laying flat. I moved myself closer to her and grabbed her hand.

"Nessa, how are you going to lose me by me talking to Hayden?"

"Don't say his name!" Vanessa said loudly sitting up. I moved back quickly, frightened by her outburst. "Just promise me you wont meet up with him while you're here," Vanessa pleaded. I shook my head slowly.

"No... No, because you're the younger one. No because I was finally happy talking to him. And a final no because...I say so," I said swinging my feet off the bed and stomping towards the door. "Goodnight," I said before slamming the door behind me.

Frustrated I stood outside her door a moment before deciding to head out to the balcony. I put on my slippers, grabbed a blanket and my laptop and headed outside. I wrapped myself up in the blanket and set my computer in my lap. I crossed my legs and took a deep breath. This wasn't exactly what I had in mind when I thought about coming to Ocean Shores. I never would have predicted getting into the most ridiculous fight with my sister. Suddenly the pocket of my sweats vibrated. I pulled out my phone and saw that it was from Trevor.

Heeey! Hows da party goin 4 ya? Hope ur not 2 wasted gurly! Remember 2 hook up wit sum hottie, k? HAH! Peeacceee outt!

I rolled my eyes at his message. Clearly he was drunk. I set the phone on the table next to me, not planning on giving him a reply.  I opened the lid to my laptop and clicked on the folder on the desktop that said Ocean Shores. I browsed through the photos I had already perfected and clicked on one of the newer ones, a photo of a sand dollar wrapped up in seaweed. My phone buzzed three times. I grabbed it and saw that they were all from Trevor. Hesitantly, I opened the message.

How come u go 2 parties wit ur sister but u never went 2 ones wit me? Maybe if u did we'd still b 2gether. Think bout it.

Theres this gurl here who wants me. She told me dat ur dum 4 not stickin wit me.

She told me dat i am 2 cute 4 u neways. Wat u think?

Wow... I exited out of the messages, definitely not going to reply now. I focused back on my computer and opened Photoshop. I brought up the picture of my sand dollar and began to lighten the shadows and sharpen the image. Just as I was beginning to get into the zone my phone vibrated a third time. Annoyed I grabbed my phone with the intent of shutting it off without reading the message. I stalled with just enough time to see that a number I did not have programmed in texted me. Curious, I opened the message.

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