2: new comer

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  Jungna just finsihed up her breakfast and in the middle of preparation to leave for work, her movement turned halt once there was the door bell rang. Taking a few fast steps towards the door, she opened it slightly.

  There was a guy in marron colored oversize shirt that obviously look good on him and a pair of baggy mud coloured trosours. Along with him were two luggages and one on his back was big army design beg which Jungna didn't know what the hell he put in there made it look so huge. Did he put a body inside?

  Due to his look, there was no trace as a murderer or a serious killer. The does eyes left her under his cuteness spell. He was tall, built and firm yet with sparkly eyes made his cuteness look overload than his handsomeness. Perhaps he same age as her or maybe younger?

  Enough with that.That was not the matter here. The matter right now was, why he was infront of her house?

  "Yes, may I help you?" Jungna asked as he smiled politely showing his bunny like front teeth. How adorable he was. He took out his phone from his pants pocket and handed it towards her. There was a conversation between him and a lanlord as it written as the contact name.

  "I rent a room in this house." He said and her eyes instantly bulged out. Listen up on him, she looked back to his phone. There was an address attached and also a complete online form displayed on the screen.

  Dad you better-

  Then her phone rang. Jungna looked up on him who was still by the door way. Feeling a little rude if she didn't asked him to come inside, hence she asked him to come in whilst she went to pick up the call who obviously her father.

  "Does he safely arrive?"
"That is not the real question my lovely father, Mr Park. I'm the one who need to ask you a question. An important one." She paused before continued. "Why? Rent a room? Dad this is my house." She whispered talking on the phone in the kitchen. She almost shouted over the line.

  "Yes, your house but under my name so I've right to do what I want to do."
  "At least tell me something first, can you?"
  "There was nothing to tell, Jungna. His name is Jungkook. Jeon Jungkook, a son of my old friend. Since the young man made up his mind to leave more independantly by his own, his father asked my help to find him a house around here. That's why okay. For friendship sake you can tell?"

  She breathed out and rolled her eyes. Not because she didn't welcome this new housemate she needed to call now. Just, she didn't prepared anythinf to be ready."Why not Jimin oppa's house?"

  "Because his house is his. Not under my name. So, that is final. Jungkook will stay with you. Anyway about the rent, it will be yours too. We can say winwin here. So there is nothing to argue about. Alright princess? I'm sorry for burdening you. Please understand me this time."

  "But dad, his is a guy. A stranger. Don't you scared if he will do anything inpropriate towards your poor daughter here?"

  He softly chuckled over the line."He is not a random guy I asked to stay with you, my daughter. He is not no one but my friend's son. So stop thinking abut nonsense things okay? Let's end the call now. Hoping you're not killing him. Bye princess."


  "You like rules?" Jungna asked him as they were in the living room,obviously discussing. From the couch he sat across her and he shook his head."Yes, no one like rules either. I don't like it too. Since we stay under the same roof, in the same house, why not we work together as a team, cooperate with each other to make our atmosphere becomes more harmony?"

  He furrowed his brows, lost in her words. "Are not we enough harmony? We didn't bicker, not argue on a simple thing. We are not even throw tantrum towards each other. Not even yelling names. Good that you're not a type of girl like that and I'm not one either." He said, forming a relive smiled.

  "I nag a lot remember. Even blabber too." She continued, looking at him.
  "My mom blabbers and nags alot too. So I use to it." He warmthly smiled as Jungna took a chance to inhale a deep breath. Whatever Jeon Jungkook, I just want to end this discussion as soon as possible, she thought."Okayy~whatever. So now, may I ask you what a fridge uses for?"

  "To keep the food." She smiled, feelimg satisfied as she listened to his answer. Yet, she didn't know he didn't finish his sentence yet which automatically pulled a frown on her face."And to keep your skincare in good condition." He flashed her an innocent smile.

  Gosh! did he really didn't understand what with the situation that they were in or he just pretended to not bother with it?

  But his baby look in his eyes really ereased the annoyance over him in a blink of eyes. God, how powerfull his eyes were.

  "My baby Jungkook, aren't the skincare will ruin due to the food smell or whatover? If that not about the skincare after all, how about the food then. It will mix with chemical from the skin care. Don't you think so?"

  Perhaps they were closed enough towards each other as they were comfortable to call each other pet name. Baby, honey, love and so much more.Never thought they would be this close this soon. Perhaps their fathers' friendship turned toward them too. Didn't know either.

  "Wait, do you ever put your skin care in the fridge?" He asked, fixing his sitting posture on the couch. With a forced smile, she shook her head made she earned his widened eyes."Jungna that is bad. The skin care need to save at a cool dry place. If it get expose to-----"

  Did he a machine gun? His words escaped like bullets constantly. Jungna didn't know he was a type of talkative person since back on the first and second day, he just a such shy baby boy. She babying him much didn't she?

  "Okay2, Jungkook. Alright, I get whatever you said okay. To keep it better. To keep it perfectly fine. Whatever keep it, I understand it. So, because of we need, I mean you need to put the skin care in the fridge, why not we buy a new small fridge for you. So you can store how many the skin care are you want to put them inside it. Hurm?"

  "I'm not buying it. You buy it." Jungna mentaly left her lips opened wide. Thanks to his baby side, she was still able to keep her hand from smacking his beautiful face."I paid the rent remember?  So about the things here, the furnitures, if you want to buy it, it is up to you but I'm not buying. I will still pay for everything even you buy it."

  Jungna wet her lips, and looked around but not him. Actually to be honest she didn't understand whatever he said. But thinking that he agreed to have a new fridge even if she was the one who needed to buy it, it was enough.

  "Fine. I buy it. So we can place it inside your roomㅡ"

  "Then how about yours? Don't tell me you don't wanna put the skin care after I tell you the pros and cons for leaving the skin care outside the fridge." He eyed me carefully as she leaned on the couch, leaving a tired breath. She felt like she was discussing with five years old talkative boy.

  "Then you want me to put in my room? I didn't want to put it in the kitchen either even there was a preety big space but kitchen is for food not skin care. Same to this living room, not a place for skin care either. So you want me to place it in my room? What if the time I'm changing or after I showerㅡ"

  "Fine. Let's just put in my room. It will less awkward then." He cut her off and looked away. Pink tint over his tip ears were visible in Jungna's eyes sight. Cute,she thought. There a smile pulled over her lips. Finally, done about the skin care thingy.


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