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This perfect little thing sitting next to us was called Normani and it couldn't be more perfect. The final bell rang for second period to start and our teacher Mrs. C immediately started to go over review from last week.

Nic and I payed as much attention as we could, seeing as though our attention was taken by Normani who gave us a small, shy smile and looked down at her desk every time we turned to look at her.

I didn't want to make her uncomfortable but I just couldn't help but to look at her. She's just so gorgeous. I'm guessing Onika felt the same way, she gave a small pout of guilt every time Normani looked away from us. We have each other a glance and a half smile before deciding with our eyes that we would try our hardest to stop being creeps and start paying attention to our lesson.


The hour passed by slowly and Onika and I we're almost successful in not making Normani feel like she was being undressed an entire class. We stole a few glances at her a good five more times throughout the class but Normani didn't catch all of them. Thankfully.

We pack our things up and got ready for our next class. Onika and I had finished and were waiting on Normani.

As she was putting her things away, she dropped her pen and it rolled behind her desk. She turned and bent over to pick it up. As soon as she did, I swear my insides started to cry tears of excitement. Her ass, was fat!


"Be a good girl, be a good girl, be a good fucking girl." I said to myself in my head as Bey and I watched Normani bend over to look for her pen. I swear to y'all that her ass jiggled with the slightest movements she made and I was loosing it.

She finally found her pen and put it away with the rest of her things before throwing her big backpack on her back and looking at us. We stared back at her smiling in an awkward silence.

"Um," Normani started. "Could you guys show me the way to my next class? If it's not too much to ask." She said breaking us out of our trance. This made us realize that we should leave and get going. We immediately started out of class with Normani jogging behind us.

"What room number is it pretty girl?" I asked as we walked down the halls. She looked at her paper blushing before responding to me.

"232." She said. Bey and I stopped in our tracks causing Mani to bump into us and stumble back a bit. Bey and I both reached for her to catch her. I brought closer to me and smirked as her as she tensed.

"Where do you think you're going girly?" I asked lowering my voice tone. Normani blushed harder and put her head down. Bey cleared her throat loudly causing me to let go of Normani and her to bag away a it.

Ugh, Bey jealousy isn't cute.

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