Chapter 1

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I was holding Tré, my wife, hand. We were anxiously watching the TV and seeing which states I won. I know I got California and New York in the bag but I'm not sure about Florida.

Once every state was counted I won by a land slide. I was about to yell: "EAT MY ASS, TRUMP!" but I didn't. I was so excited to start!

My VP Mike came up to me and congratulated me. I wandered around my house, weaving through all the people. I felt so overwhelmed, so I went upstairs to my balcony.

"Hey, you alright?" Tré said as he grabbed my shoulder.

"I'm just tired."


Day of inauguration

I unpacked my things into the White House. I was pretty proud of myself for not spitting on Trump during the inauguration ceremony. The only reason I didn't spit on him is because he got shot. I wanna tell man who shot him: "too little too late." I feel bad for Trumps youngest  son he'll never truly know how bad his Dad was.

I wandered around the building. I walked into the Oval Office. Someone grabbed my shoulder and I jumped. I turned around to see Mike. Did he fucking teleport? Last time I checked he was outside.

"Gorgeous isn't it?" He said with a smile. I nodded and continued taking in the office.

I walked into the office and slowly spun around a few times taking it all in. It was so fucking official looking!

"Holy shit!" I said in amazement. Everything hit all at once, I'm going to be the fucking president of the United States!

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