Chapter 1 - Introduction

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~3 Years ago~

"And this is how he likes his coffee," Pepper hands you a sheet of paper with instructions on it. "I'll be back in a few months," She leaves the room and you take up your folder to your chest, walking into the office of the great Tony Stark... Aka Iron man. The man who just a year ago saved you from an army of aliens.

"Mr. Stark?"

"Ah, you must be Y/n," He puts down his phone took look at you. "Wonderful choice pepper made," He smiles. 


Only 3 months have gone by and my god it was tiring. It was exciting at first, you met each Avenger one night during one of many parties Mr. Stark had got you to plan. Now it was tiring, party after party but you loved your job and wouldn't change it for the world. "Here you go, Mr. Stark," You give your boss his coffee. 

"Y/n... I told you to call me Tony,"

"Right, sorry,"

"Where are the files?" You slap your forehead and nod.

"Right, I'll go print them out quickly," 

"I'll be waiting in the car downstairs," You nod and exit the room on your way to the printer. The printer scans your card and prints out the files needed. The elevator quickly skims from floor to floor until reaching the main lobby. You see the slick black car waiting across the street. Walking across the street you don't see a car speeding towards you.

"What the-,"

"Y/n! Watch out!" You close your eyes and shield yourself from the car. A wave of ice caves around the car as it comes to a screeching halt.

"Oh no," You twist your hands around the ice as it disappears.

"Y/n- What was-"

"Uhm- must have been a new hero..." You awkwardly laugh as you look around the street acting as if you saw someone.

"You have powers!" Tony exclaims, looking amazed.

"N-no I don't," Again you laugh as bystanders look at you in curiosity. Tony guides you into the car and gets in through the other side.

"Y/n... How would you like to be an Avenger?"

~Present day~

"And that's how I became an Avenger!" You finish the story, all the kids started to clap.

"Miss Ice Queen!" A little girl raises her hand, an Iv tube attached to her veins. "Can you make some ice?" You stand up and make your way towards her, sitting by her side. Your hands move in an elegant motion in the air, ice crystals form above the girls head, snow falls on her nose and she starts to giggle.

"Make it snow!" A little boy shouts. You laugh and shoot a giant snowflake into the air, spreading snow around the children. You walk back to the rest of the group and see Tony pouting.

"Looks like they like me more than you," He hands over twenty bucks which you stuff into your pocket. He grunts and leans back onto the wall, Steve just pats his back.

 "It's ok Mr. Stark, I think you were great!" Peter says. They all turn their attention from the big baby (Tony) to a little one who had approached. Peter gets down to the boy's height.

"What can we do for you?" The boy's teddy bear was held tight as he looked to the left, shyly.

"W-where is Thor?"

"I'm sorry but he isn't on earth right now-" A phone starts to ring, the ring tone was the American national anthem. 

"I wonder who that belongs to?" You say sarcastically as Peter was pulled away by the boy. Steve takes out his phone and looks at the screen. Pressing the green button he starts to shout into the phone. 

"HELLO?!" He starts to press the buttons on his screen. "CAN YOU HEAR-" Tony grabs the phone and sighs, putting it on speaker.

"Rogers, you don't need to shout," Tony sighs. 

"Thank you, Stark," Fury says. "We have intel that Thor is bringing his brother, Loki, to earth,"

"What?!" The whole team shouts, causing the whole room to look at them. You usher them out the room and go to get Peter.

"What's going on?" Peter asks as a girl continues to braid his hair.

"We need to go," All the kids 'aw' in disappointment. You thank the staff for letting you visit and say goodbye to the boys and girls before leading Peter to the rest. 

"Loki, as in the battle of New York Loki is coming to Avengers tower,"




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