Stage Twenty-Four

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Tammy hasn't let me out of her sight since we left the station

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Tammy hasn't let me out of her sight since we left the station. I finally see what it's like to have a clingy girlfriend. Like right now the game is on I'm trying to relax and watch and my love is literally attached to me. She's like a little baby's kinda cute.

"Are you pressing charges on them all?"

"Oui mon amour." My hands rub over her soft skin. Up her back all the way to her thin waist. (Yes my love)

"Will they go to jail?"

"J'espere." (I Hope so)

Sitting up she pouts at me. She's so fucking cute! "English baby this is serious." Her hand lightly slap my bare chest.

"I know honey it's just been a stressful day all the bullshit that happened. I wanna relax for the rest of the night rubbing over your velvet soft skin." I pull her over on top of me. "Your skin is crazy smooth I don't even understand it."

"I'll let you in on a little secret. Body scrub in a hot shower, body oil right out the shower air drying only and finally a nice moisturizer and tada skin to make your man go gaga over you."

My hands run up her thighs. I could feel myself starting to get excited. Really just being in her presents rather we do anything sexual or not she has me ready.

"Well it's defiantly working. You glowing mama." I smirk at her reddish cheeks. "I love you baby."

Her eyes gloss over as she looks over me. Brushing her thumb over my face she sighs. "I love you so much. I would've lost my mind if-"

"Come on no more thinking what if. I'm safe more important your safe and those involved will be dealt with." I catch the one tear that escaped. "You wanna tell me why this is effecting you like this? Is it all the others we've witnessed!"

Shaking her head she breaths out. Interlocking our fingers in one hand I lift her head back up. I do get that this was a traumatic experience for us both but she hasn't stopped crying since we left the station. Even after we got the girls from their schools she was hiding her face and talking in short sentences.

"When I was younger I had this friend he was like a older brother to me. He would walk me to school and help me with homework or projects, take me shopping and the park movies whatever I wanted. There were even times he would help my mom with any bills she needed or putting food on our table. He was my hero." She did a bitter laugh looking up. "Now yes he was a dealer but....he never hurt people just because and he did so much good in our neighborhood more than any politician or cop or even teacher ever did for anyone. But of course no one saw the good in him like me and my mom did. Cops were always on him trying to pin anything they could."

"Just like I told you before a persons work or whatever they do for a living does not define who they are. Everyone has to be able to feed themselves and their families." I comb my fingers through her hair.

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