Is it End ?

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No one's Pov

" How ....." Xavier asked and Mia sae her Sister and get Husband.

" The day the flight crashed We weren't in that flight " Anna said .

" You....mean ...that's Few years " Xavier said.

" We were alive and we waited So you would find Us Xav.....but you never came. .." Anna said Emma was Half way tears .

" I thought you people were ...." Xavier said.

"Dead right " Anna said " We watched Everthing You kidnapped Amelia and tried to turn her into baby after you thought we were dead and you did it twice and know third time Xavier ...." Anna said.

" I wanted to fill Empty heart "Xavier said leaving stroller and trying to take step ahead to Anna as she moved back .

"You can't Get love by kidnapping people and turning into them into your baby that's not even love " Anna says.

" Anna what about our Daughter - " Anna raised her hand.

" My daughter " Xavier froze " My Daughter Xavier not yours , you lost that right the moment you decided to ruin someone's life with your obsession of finding someone to live "

Xavier never wanted his own family to turn in him " Anna Trust me - "

" Trust is coming from person who has married someone else -" Anna said looking at Elsa who was totally out of it.

"Dad " Emma said to get father " You are my hero but I think....." Emma choked on her Son as Joe and Amelia eyes were Wet from this to.

" I am gone end this all today " Anna removed Gun .

" Anna What the hell are you gone do "Xavier said.

"For once and all let's end this shit " Anna pointed at Xavier .

" Mam you shouldn't " Joe tried to tell her but she didn't Mia freeze whatever was fine happened Wasn't good.

But before Anna Could pull trigger Elsa jumped In between.

"BANG !?"

Bullet Hit Elsa and she fell down " Xav...i..e..r...I " Elsa Took her last breath.

Anna wanted to kill her husband but she murdered someone else ....

Amelia and Joe Removed Mia from stroller and they hugged each ...

Anna Xavier lopes was Arrested in Charge of Murder Of Elsa Martin .

Mia later sold her Apartment and decided to live with her Older Sister and Her husband....

Emma Mourned over loss of her Mother to charged murder and her father but she want gone give up.

Everything was on its place and there was peace.

But one question remained unanswered....

Where was Xavier ?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~The End ~~~~~~~~~~~~


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