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"I know I gotta get her back."


"Ma I'll be right back. I'm going to pick up your cake."

"Okay." She wasn't even paying me any attention. She was too busy grinning in her neighbors face. Get a room.

I walked around to the front of the house, quickly trying to get in my car to avoid conversation with the arriving guest.

"Hazel you leaving?" My aunt asked me as she got out of her car.

"No ma'am. Just going to pick up the cake." I closed the door before anything else could be said.

As I was on the way to the bakery, I could faintly hear Chris playing on the radio. I found myself slightly smiling as I turned it up. It seemed as if every time I was in the car, he would play on the radio. How incredibly coincidental was that?

The cake was ready to be paid for and taken to the party once I got to the shop. I paid them, letting them keep the change for carrying it to my car. It was a pretty big cake.

"Uncle Jerry, can you help me with the cake?" I asked out the window of my car as I pulled up in the driveway. He helped me carry it to the backyard that was filled by family, friends and decorations.

"Thank you." I said as we placed the cake on its own table.

"Aunt Clara, you seen my mama?" She pointed in the direction my mama was. I turned around and my heart damn near stopped. She was talking to Chris... my ex Chris. I contemplated on trying to dodge him or growing a pair of balls and speaking. I settled on the second option and walked over to them.

"Hey.." I nervously spoke, stuffing my hands in my back pocket. I tended to do that in situations like these.

"You got the cake that fast?"

"Yeah" I responded, cutting my eye at Chris. God he was so sexy.

"Karen!" Someone yelled out my moms name, signaling her to come where they were. She walked away... leaving us by ourselves.



"Well I didn't invite you so.."

"I called your mom to wish her a happy birthday and she told me to drop by if I wasn't busy so... here I am." I slowly nodded.

"Yeah.. Royalty's birthday party is on the 27th at my house.. if you were coming."

"Of course. My baby wants me to come then I'm there."

"She misses you so much. Every other day it's daddy can I see Hazel." That brought a smile to my face.

"Tell my bestie I miss her too. Jeez Chris, you can let her call me or something."

"With all the stuff in the blogs I thought I would be the last one you wanna talk to." He had a point.

"It's not about the blogs, it's about what you did."

"I'm sorry Hazel."

"I'm not doing this at my moms party." I said putting my hand up before he could go on about how "sorry" he was. I walked away which was hard because all I wanted to do was kiss him and tell him it was okay but... It wasn't.

"Hey everybody!" I spoke in the microphone, trying to get everyone's attention. They all stopped their conversations and looked at me.

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