Chapter 23

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Emily made her way back to the library, mind reeling. Jimin was a genie and Jack was obviously something, but Jimin wouldn't--no, couldn't tell her what. Is anything in my life what is seems? Emily wondered as she mindlessly made her way through the library. She managed to make note of the "Please Ring the Bell for Service" sign on the counter and ventured toward Angela's office.

"Angela will think I'm crazy," she muttered to herself as she tried to open the door. Needing someone to talk to Emily had decided to tell Angela about what Jimin had told her; she knew Angela wouldn't tell anyone. She came up short when she realized Angela's door was locked. The lights were off and the shades were drawn, but there was a soft glow emanating from inside the room. "Weird." Emily muttered as she took her work keys from her pocket. Unlocking the door, she stepped inside Angela's office, dropping the bag of food she'd been carrying.

Emily's jaw dropped as she stared at the being before her. Iridescent skin the color of pearls and dragonfly wings were the first things she noticed. Violet eyes widened when they saw Emily stepping into the room. Before Emily could utter a word, the room was bathed in a white light as power surged forth from the being. Emily threw up her arm to shield her eyes and heard the door snap shut behind her, lock clicking into place.

Emily whipped around and jerked on the handle, trying fruitlessly to open the door. Panic clawed its way up her throat when she realized she was trapped in Angela's office with whoever—whatever that was. Everything suddenly feels like a fantasy novel since Jimin came into my life Emily thought. Accepting that she wasn't going to be able to open the door, she whipped around and started to race toward the windows; she was determined to get out, even if it meant breaking a window.

Seeming to sense Emily's intention, the being flew in front of her, effectively cutting her off. Emily tried to run past it on the other side, when it grabbed her by the arms.

"Emily! Calm down!" She said. Emily stiffened. That was Angela's voice. Angela's voice coming from the very inhuman being in front of her. The one person she thought she could count on and trust. This can't be happening, she thought, squeezing her eyes shut, trying to convince herself this wasn't happening. I must be dreaming. Angela is human. Angela isn't a-a fairy, or whatever this is.

"Emily, you're okay. It's me," the being said, bringing Emily out of her disbelieving thoughts. Emily looked at the being, the fairy she decided, in front of her and watched full of horror as the being in front of her slowly morphed back into her friend. The dragonfly wings disappeared first, fading away into nothing. The pearly skin slowly shifted back to Angela's usual sun kissed complexion. Horror morphed to sadness as Emily watched the violet swirl in Angela's irises until they were back to their typical grey.

Emily was numb.

Angela released Emily's arms and took a small step back. "You weren't supposed to see that," Angela murmured. "You weren't coming back or answering your phone so I got worried; I was trying to find you."

Emily stared back at Angela silently. Her whole life had just turned on its head. Jimin isn't human. Jack isn't a cat. Now her best friend- the most trusted person in her life, wasn't human either. I have no one. I can't trust anyone.

Finally finding her voice Emily spoke, "No wonder you were so keen on me spending time with Jimin. You were just tricking me too."

"No! That's not true Emily. I—" Angela started before being cut off.

"You what?" Emily spat. "You were human up until I went to go buy food? You fell into a vat of radioactive waste?? A dragonfly grew fangs and bit you?" Against her will, Emily's lip started trembling. Her body quivered, full of stress and anger, but her heart ached with sadness and betrayal.

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