Chapter 19 - Angela Wakes Up

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It was said that Kenji hadn't been to school for at least a month and a half and no one knew where he was...some people thought he was suspended, some thought he was expelled, some just thought he just didn't want to come to school...well, they had all thought wrong.

Actually, it was mainly because when he had heard Momoko getting beaten up that day, he was shocked and honestly didn't mean for it to go that now he had really been thinking on his actions.

He was at a Buddhist Temple for Enlightenment and honestly, it really helped the guy and he promised to change his ways...not just for Momoko, Chiharu, Aina, and people around him, but for himself.

Quite honestly, this is really the first time in his life where he has thought about where his life has been heading and he knew that it did not look good if he carried on the way he was going, so he knew he had to go a different direction to where he was going previously and to be quite honest, he was starting to do well for himself; he's a lot less angry, that's for sure, he's learned how to shift his mindset in a way that he never thought was possible...he still had a lot of work to do though, but he was definitely moving in the right direction.

Kenji wasn't at home for two weeks and was living at the Temple and although he still wanted to stay at the Temple for a lot longer, he knew he had to go back eventually, so after a few more days, he decided to go least back to his home as he wasn't ready to go back to school yet.

Just one week ago, Kenji heard about a convict who had just escaped from prison...the convict had murdered a young Woman in her 20's about 12 years ago, but now he has escaped...Kenji thought the convict's name sounded somewhat familiar and thought he had heard the name somewhere before.

When Kenji had finally arrived back home, he noticed the door was already opened...he slowly and carefully went was dark and quite cold.

Kenji heard something smash which came from inside the kitchen, so he slowly went to the kitchen door when he heard another smash.

He opened the door and turned the lights on...a Man in a black and white jumpsuit appeared before him.

"Kenji! It's me...your Father!" The Man called out.

Kenji had a very surprised look on his face and quickly went over to give his Father a hug...Kenji had then broken the hug and looked at the Man's clothes.

"Where have you been? And why do you have these clothes on? Wait a minute...Are you the convict who escaped from jail last week?"

Kenji was desperate for his Dad to say it wasn't him because then it would lead to him killing the young Woman which happened 12 years ago.

"Yes, it was me, Son...And here I am now!" His Dad said calmly.

As soon the Man had said his piece, Kenji instantly pushed his Father away from him and put his hands over his head...Kenji was becoming furious.

"What? Does this mean you killed that Woman 12 years ago?"

The Man looked at Kenji and nodded his head in agreement.

Kenji looked away from his Father for a couple of seconds and then looked back at him before asking him another question.

"Why did you do it?"

The Man looked at Kenji a little confused before replying.

"Do what?"

Kenji replied with a little frustration in him.

"Why did you murder that Woman in cold blood? Did you know her?"

Kenji's Dad sighed and decided to tell his Son everything that h happened.

"It was Summer and I had a crush on this girl who was the girl who I had eventually killed. So, I had asked her out and she said yes and we started dating.

It wasn't until she started talking to a guy and spending a bit of time with, I began to get jealous and this jealousy is what caused problems for the two of us and eventually, she dumped me.

Two weeks later, she started dating the guy who she was talking to when we were together and this made me even more the point where I was really time went by, I just got angrier and angrier.

Then what really destroyed me was they had got married one year later and then one year after that, they had a Boy named Hideko and then after, they had a girl named Chiharu.

As the kids grew older, I became angrier and always thought to myself 'These kids should be mine! This Woman should be married to me!'

Then one night, something the Kids and the Father went out to a festival, I went to my ex's house as I wanted to see her again and although I was already married this time and had a Son which was you, I still had to see her.

So, that is what I did and she was shocked to see me and asked what I was doing there...this chat had eventually turned into a heated arguement...which then turned can figure the rest out"

Kenji was shocked and was really confused, especially since he mentioned the name 'Chiharu'.

"Wait a minute...Did you just say 'Chiharu'?"

Kenji's Father nodded in agreement and then replied.

"Yes...why do you ask? Does she mean something to you?"

Kenji had remembered when Chiharu had told him about her Mother being brutally murdered which was around 12 years ago as well and he really wondering if this was the same Chiharu who's Mother got brutally murdered.

Kenji was going to tell his Father about it but then thought he shouldn't and would wait until he saw Chiharu again to confirm it.

"'s fine! Can you go now, please? I need to get some rest.." Kenji didn't want to see his Father right now and wanted him to go.

His Father had agreed but wanted to know when he could see his Son again...Kenji didn't feel like seeing his Father again and told him that he didn't want to see him for a while.

This answer was not what his Father wanted to hear from his Son but accepted it.

"Ok, Son...I understand...let me know when you want to get into contact again.

Kenji nodded coldly at his Father and then had left the scene while leaving Kenji frustrated and angry.

-At Alesha's Home-

Alesha was the Family friend who Angela had trusted a lot and she had Chiharu, Aina, and Yui over to stay and patiently waiting for any news about Angela.

Momoko was already over at the hospital as she was willing to keep waiting.

There was a phone call which Alesha had picked up...she screamed and cried with delight...this made the other three girls quickly rush towards Alesha who they had seen jumping for joy.

"What is it, Alesha-san?" Chiharu said to Alesha wanting her to hurry about telling her why she was so happy on the phone.

"It's Momoko! She has just said that Angela has woken up!!!"

Chiharu, Aina, and Yui had looked at each other with shock and then they were all hugging each other, jumping about and cheering happily.

Yes...Angela had finally woken up from her coma and opened her eyes.

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