Beach (Sam)

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Today has been slow and hot but the worst part is there isn't one thing to do and I'm bored. I thought about going to the beach but I don't wanna go alone and I think Sam is busy today. I grabbed my phone from beside me and called him to see what he's up to right now. After a few rings he answered the phone.

"Hey, are you busy today?" I asked him.

"No why?" He questioned. I smiled and sat up on the couch, "wanna go to the beach?" He said yes and I smiled as we hung up and I got ready. I put on my swimsuit then grabbed a towel and packed my beach bag. Once I was ready I grabbed my keys and left out the door and headed to the beach.

I got there and met Sam in the parking lot before going to find a comfortable spot that's not in the sun but also isn't too shady. I smiled and found a spot and set my towel down along with my bag. "Let's go get in the water!" I grinned at Sam. He nodded as we took our shoes off and got into the water.

We swam around for a bit before he decided to splash me and had me chase him around the ocean. "Stop swimming so fast!" I yelled at him laughing as I chased him some more.

"Like I'm gonna let you catch up to me! I know that if I do then you'll drown me!" He laughed playfully, swimming away from me. I fake pouted and stopped chasing him. I turned away from him and pretended I was mad. He's obviously going to fall right into my trap.

"Aww are you seriously mad y/n?" He asked chuckling. I didn't answer when I heard him sigh and swim over to me. He wrapped his arms around me and turned me to face him. He started to pull me into a hug when I moved away from him and tried drowning him.

"I knew it!" He laughed as he tried to swim away but I jumped onto his back. We laughed and looked like a bunch of kids as people stared at us but we didn't mind. I got off his back and splashed him making him laugh and splash me back.

After a splash war in the water we got out and went to grab some water since it's hot and I started to feel dehydrated. We sat down on our towels and drank our water. The beach is packed today no surprise and there's a lot of kids.

"I had fun today." I spoke up.

"I did too but only because I got to spend the day with you. We never do this as often as I'd like." He smiled. I agreed with that as I laid back on my towel. We never hangout at the beach that much so I had a lot of fun today with him.

Soon we were getting tired so we decided to leave. I kissed Sam bye and left to head back home. After getting home I took a long shower before changing into some sweats and spending the rest of the day in bed watching tv.

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