Chapter 118 - Wrasslin'

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"It's okay I've got you. These bands are gonna help you float." You mentioned as you held her at arms length. She seemed skeptical and cried more. You sighed and held her to you as you tread water.

"Hey look Daddy and Uncle Tommy are over there" You said pointing to the shore where they had some body boards. Vince sat on a camping chair sunbathing on the bank and Mick stayed behind the trees near where you had sat last night, talking to Lita and Tina.

You watched as Nikki and Tommy swam out to you with their boards. Izzy called for Nikki and grabbed onto him. He sat her on his body board as he wrapped the rope to it around his wrist.

"I've spoke to Tommy about the art of knocking doors" Nikki grinned as Tommy tried to sit on his bodyboard with some difficulty. You laughed watching his long ass limbs flail everywhere as he tried to steady the board under him.

"It's not big enough for you you giant" You laughed but he was determined to sit on it. Izzy laughed as Tommy fell backwards into the water.

"Why don't you guys renew your vows?" Tina asked as you sat with her and Lita, soaking up the sun.

"Cause we've only been married what, four years or so" You laughed as you closed your eyes lying back. "Nobody wants to see a couple get married three times"

"So if he proposed to you again right now what would you say?"

"I'd say stop being crazy and at least wait til we hit 15 years" You mumbled as you watched him and Izzy. "I'm a lucky girl though. Honestly those two are all I could ask for"

"No more?" Tina asked as your hands went instinctively to your abdomen.

"Nah, no more. I'm getting too old. Nikki is fine with Izzy and Gunner" You said with a yawn. "Why you asking all these questions anyway?"

"I like Mick a lot. He doesn't come across as a guy who wants kids or marriage" Tina mumbled.

"Yeah he's already got a son who's pretty old now I believe. I think he's over all that stuff" You said getting comfortable on the towel. "I think if you want all that stuff you are probably barking up the wrong tree with Mick."

"It sucks. I always fall for guys who arent as available as me or guys who are past everything I wanna do" Tina sighed.

"Don't go for guys who are so much older than you" Lita interjected as she rolled over on her towel.

"My rule was always 10 to 15 years older max" You mentioned. "There's a good few years between me and Nikki but it isn't so bad. I've always liked an older guy"

"You remember Jamie? How old was he, like 20 years older than you or something?" Lita chuckled as she brought up your ex hook up.

"Jeez he was. And I was only 20. But he looked like Tom Selleck" You chuckled. "I was very into moustaches."

"He wasn't the only exception to your rule. You told me about that guy, what was his name? Dan, Stan?" Lita said sitting up.

"His name was Dan. I was 19 and he was 30. What can I say experienced men just do it for me" You shrugged. 

"If you weren't with Nikki would you get with any of the other guys?" Tina asked and you shook your head.

"No way. Vince is an asshole, Tommy's too immature and Mick is like a dad. No way" You shook your head. "The only guy younger than me I'd date would be"

"Eddie Vedder" Lita finished and you nodded.

"He's on my list too" Tina agreed. "Him and Chris Cornell. Hell put me in that sandwich."

"Amen" You agreed with a smirk. You noticed the shadow come over you as you looked up to see Nikki and Izzy. You squealed as he shook his hair at you like a wet dog. "Nikki! I was dry!"

"Such a god damn pain" You moaned. He leant down and kissed you softly.

"I'm getting a shower and washing the sand off Izzy" He mumbled and you nodded standing up and grabbing your towel.

"See you guys in a little while" You said waving to them as you walked back up to your cabin.  You washed Izzy in the shower first as she moaned about having her hair washed.  You dried her off and dressed her.

"Mommy and daddy are gonna get a shower, you gonna watch cartoons for a while?" You asked her and she nodded as she rubbed her eyes. You had a feeling she would be asleep in seconds as she sat on the huge bed.

You got in the shower with Nikki and yelped as the water hit your back.

"You've burnt all your shoulders" Nikki scolded you as he poked the red skin. You looked over your shoulder and sighed.

"I put so much lotion on" You grumbled as you washed your hair. It was a pretty small shower but Nikki was still adamant on joining you. Even though he kept wincing as his back touched the cold glass door. You laughed as you tried to switch so he could go under the shower, trying not to slip over as you switched.

"You enjoying yourself?" He asked as he let you massage shampoo into his hair, leaning down so you could reach.

"I am it's been pretty fun so far. No dramas thank god" You mentioned as he moaned as you rubbed his scalp.

"How are you so good at everything?" He groaned again as your fingers massaged his temples.

"I'm not a good drummer, I can't paint and I have bad ice cream choices" You mentioned as he hummed ignoring you.


Nikki and everyone else was sat back outside eating food as they spoke to Allan on the phone about their book idea. He figured because they were all at home doing their own thing now, that they could get it done within the year.

You sat on the floor with Izzy as she helped put some cooling gel on your shoulders. You were getting close to Nikki's birthday. It was only a few months away, you had an idea of what you wanted to get him. But doing it in secret was gonna be difficult.

"I miss the doggy's" Izzy said crying randomly. You frowned and held her close as she sobbed.

"They are okay, we've got Amy looking after them. We'll see them soon" You said holding her tight. "Are you excited to go back to school?"

"No" She said grumpily. "Stay with you and daddy"

"Well we will be busy doing our own work while you're at school" You mentioned and she cried harder. Nikki came over and put Izzy on his shoulders, you watched as he was completely oblivious to your conversation with her and took her down to the lake edge.

"So October's in two months, what you gonna do for it?" Lita asked as she came and sat by you.

"I don't know, I was thinking about Nikki's birthday. I completely forgot about our anniversary" You sighed. "What do you buy a man who owns everything?"

"Well that's easy it's Nikki so..." Lita trailed off as you both sat there in though. She went to say something and huffed. "Yeah no idea."

"I know for his birthday, I can't bring it forward for our anniversary cause I need the time." You mumbled. "Maybe a new camera? He's had that one for like ten years."

"Or a guitar, an old style smoking jacket, rockstars love those" Lita hummed and you shook your head.

"I will figure it out" You mumbled as you sat on the grass. "God I love this place."

"Oh my god I have an idea" Lita said shaking you. "C'mon come with me."

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