Chapter Twenty-Five: For Long as She Lives

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The icy wind burned my cheeks as I ran down the sidewalks, bumping into people as they cried out, "Hey!" I felt the blood on my hands drying as I took in huge gulps of air. Blood rushed into my legs and my muscles ached as I ran and ran and ran. A stick snapped under my weight and I turned to my right. The forest!

I ran down the hill toward the forest.

Those freaky pink eyes staring at me...that didn't happen. What the hell was he thinking? Why'd I pick up the dagger? What did he think he was doing? What point did he try to make? If he was proving to be a creep he only had to keep talking! Not scaring the crap out of me like this!

Oh my god, all that blood!

Move. Move. I gotta move. I ran until I saw the edges of the forest. 

I slipped on a rock and fell into the mud. A burning pain came from my knee and I looked down to see blood blooming out of it and staining the dress. I need to get this blood off my hands. I need to get clean again. I need to...

Drake's crumbled form popped into my brain.

Maybe I should go back, but he said he was going to be okay. Right? Right? Damn, stop! I want everything to stop for five freaking seconds! I can't deal with this! Please, just slow down for a moment! I don't' want to see the faeries for five minutes! I don't want to hear them! I don't want any of this!

Five minutes!

"Now what are you doing here?" I looked up to see Wolfie walking toward me. He stopped, tilted his head and sniffed the air. "Why do you smell like blood? And why does it smell like Drake's?"

"I st-stabbed him."

"You stabbed him?"

I nodded. It was weird to say that out loud. Wolfie walked over to me and sat next to me. I leaned on him and buried my face in his fur. I choked on my words before rubbing my face in his fur. I curled up against him because I couldn't feel warm. Wolfie pulled back and gently licked my hands.

He licked my hands cleaned.

"We had a fight. Drake was so upset about something Lowell said that he almost hit him."

"You stopped him, I safely assume?"

I nodded. "We argued and...then that happened."

Wolfie sighed and licked my face. "I wonder how many nobles said that before wars broke out."


The wolf curled up around me. "Humans and faeries aren't all that different, but we're both stubborn that we refuse to look at the similarities and only wonder on the differences, or at least that's what I've come to understand."

I nodded and closed my eyes, leaning on him. He felt so warm and safe in this world. Actually, I'm pretty sure that Woflie was the nicest spirit that I ever met since I began seeing faeries. Well, beside the prince, but he doesn't count because he left me....hahaha, I sound like the bride who got ditched at the alter.

The tap, tap, tap of the rain filled my head as I got lost in thought. Memories and dreamed melted into one another with faeries and humans blending into one when I heard the sounds of branches snapping and leaves crunching.

"She asleep?"


"At the moment, she's been tossing and turning like she's been dreaming of monsters. I wonder if you're one of them."

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