Chapter 16- Dinner aplogies.

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Double for Raven5555 I know times are rough, but we are all here for you and your family through this rough time

Matt sighed. "Guys, what if they're just friends and you're overreacting? Do you really think it's impossible for her to have other friends?" Matt snapped. He was tired of them acting as if she was stupid and would go with anyone. She wasn’t a lost puppy or a naive toddler. She was a smart, funny, adorable woman.

"Kirstie is smart. Have you thought that maybe you're not listening to her, and she just wants some time away to have fun and calm down."

The other seemed shocked at his outburst. Had they really not see how rude and inconsiderate they were being.

"I-" Scott started to defend the group before he was cut off.

"Don't say anything if it's just gonna be to save your ego. I'm not sure why you guys can't get it through your heads that she's 16 and can make her own choices."

"We're just looking out for her." Mitch piped in. "We're gonna talk to her "friends" and tell them to back off."

Matt shook his head. They really never would understand it. Maybe the friends Kirstie are with can translate her feelings and show them what they did to her.

The car with Kirstie pulled up to an old-style dinner.

"Hey, KT," Layne called loud enough to wake her, as he didn't want to have to touch her and upset her. She stirred, looking up at her two close friends.

"We stopped here for dinner, you ready?" He asked, earning a simple nod. They let her get out of the car herself like she wanted to. She was tired of always needing help.

They went inside and were seated, unaware of the group of men a few tables down in the next row.

Layne made a bad joke, causing her to giggle.

"Why couldn't the bike stand on its own?" He asked, making the boy beside him groan.

"Please." Eli broke off. " Please no."

"It was two-tiered." he finished quietly, causing Eli to drop his head down on the table.

"I hate you." He grumbled.

Kirstin nodded. "Ag-a-agreed."

The table beside them seemed to tense when they realized she didn't really seem like she was in trouble. Maybe Avi did blow this out of proportion.

"She seems fine to me, Av. Maybe Matt's, right." Scott added in.

"Yeah, maybe we do need to chill out." Kevin nodded in agreement.

That is, until they heard the small girl mutter, "I-I'm rea-really sca-scared." Kirstie finished off her sentence, filling her friends in of the attack Jeremy made on her a few months ago.

Avi ran over, knocking his glass of water on the floor, it smashing and making the whole dinner look over at them. “Back the fuck away from MY girl before I beat your ass,” he growled, his eyes almost burning with anger, and a little bit of jealousy. Kirstie was terrified about him, humiliated that he followed her, but mainly freaked about his voice and angry face, as she isn’t good at reading them but his frown was crystal clear.

Eli and Layne jumped up, assuming that this was Avi by the way he declared their best friend to be his. That, and the four boys standing behind him who matched up to Kirstie’s texts about them. Layne turned to comfort his best friend as Eli stood up to Avi. He wasn’t one to get mad, but Kirstie was terrified, especially as she had been talking about Jeremy, and with the smashing and yelling and staring, she was having a panic attack and going into overload. She began to rock on her seat, her hands covering her ears.

“NOW LOOK WHAT YOU DID! I HEARD NOTHING GOOD ABOUT YOU BOYS IN MONTHS! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?” Eli boomed, shocking Layne. He didn’t get mad, but he would protect their short friend.

“Hey KT. Listen to my voice.” Layne said quietly but firmly. Kirstie whimpered when he spoke. “No, don’t be scared. Just focus on me, no one else. There is no one else here, just the two of us, like a book club.” Layne said, making a dig at their failed book club, but the fond memory was enough to make Kirstie smile her side smile for a moment. Avi saw this, and shut up, with the others following suit. She was listening to these boys… and they were helping her.

“I know. But it was still fun. Do you remember us getting kicked out of the library? What did we say?” Layne asked her, falling silent afterward. It was silent in the diner and this helped Kirstie’s senses to calm down, and thinking of the happy memory calmed her panic attack. Matt smiled; he was right, and the others had realized this.

And they let her speak. Layne and Eli gave Kirstie all the time she needed to say what she wanted to. “Y-you sssaid ‘t-the-that suck-sucks’. I-I… I-I sad… y-you said ‘w-w-we get... ice-ice creeeeam’. Yummy.” Kirstie managed to say, in partial sentences. It was the most at once Avi has heard her say in months, and the most at once Scott, Matt, Kevin, and Mitch had heard her say ever. Eli and Layne smiled as Kirstie’s breathing returned to normal.

"Hey, you choose crappy books. That was all you." Eli chuckled, pointing an accusing finger at his best friend. Layne threw a hand over his heart, feigning hurt.

"KT! He's bullying me." Layne pouted as the boys just watched the friend group joke around.

Eli turned around to the group of boys next to the table.

"You hurt her, to the point she called us. Sobbing, mid-panic attack. Then you say she has to apologize?? Why can't you guys understand she needs support, not a babysitter." He shook his head, causing the others to lower their heads in shame. All but Matt, but they knew what Matt had done.

"Listen, we both love KT, but she needs support here. She used to gush about her amazing boyfriend and new friends. What happened?"  He asked.

Scott was the first to speak. "You're right. We weren't being real friends. I'm so sorry, Kit. Could you forgive me?" He asked her.

The girl took a second before nodding. “Mm-mad-made Mis-Mistake. It o-okay."

The others all went around asking for forgiveness until it came to Avi.

"Kirstie, I'm the worst boyfriend over. I'm so sorry, it's just." He broke off to find the fight words. "I got so overprotective and worried after the accident. I wanted to protect you, but instead took away your voice. Please, let me start over?" He asked her, tears welled up in his eyes.

Rather than reply, she simply tilted her head up and connected their lips.

"Aweeeeeeee" Layne gasped.

"Sh-Sh-shut-u-up." She joked, hitting her friend playfully on the arm.

She really did love him, but God, he could be annoying

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