Chapter 15-Road Trip

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The next day, which happened to be a Friday, Kirstie wasn't at school. Her mother had decided that she wasn't ready yet. Who would be the day after something as traumatizing as her experience yesterday was?

What made her even more upset? The next day, everyone but Matt had texted something of how she should have opened the door for them. None of them saw the pain she went through. Was she really that invisible to them?

Matt was the only one that asked if she was okay, and the only one for hadn't asked why she wasn't at school today.

She just couldn't deal with them right now, she was already struggling with her own mental state, she didn't need them to give her more reasons she was broken.

Sighing, she took the chair of her desk, sliding it under the door, wedged in just the right place it would keep it from opening.

Her cries were inaudible to them. She screamed out in pain, but they didn't stop.

It wasn't even they let her sink; they may as well throw her overboard if she's that disposable.

"Kirstin, sweetie! Can you unlock the door so we can talk?" Her mother called her.

Although she was dimly aware of the voice, her thoughts seemed to drown out any mobility she had.

The people she thought loved her the most hurt her, how could she move on from that?

They didn't even realize what they did, and even if they did apologize, she wasn't sure if she could forgive them? Her mother called out several more times, but her own toxic thoughts drowned out any sense of love or light out.

What had she done to deserve this? Did she do something horrible that made her deserve this torture?

"Kirstie? It's me and Layne." The Familiar tenor's voice was able to puncture the thick silence.

"Please, come unlock the door?" Layne chipped in.

Shakily, Kirstie padded over to the door and plied the chair out from under the knob, allowing the two teenagers into the room. Immediately, Layne wrapped her in one of his signature bear hugs. Layne was always a big goofball, he loved making people laugh. Eli was on the quieter, timid side. He may not talk much, but it gave him an incredible amount of patience, something Kirstie really needed.

"We have cheesy movies, games, and a whole lot of dad jokes!" Layne chuckled, causing Kirstie to giggle.

It was nice to have them back. Right now, she needed her boys.


"Ugh, I can't believe her right now." Scott sighed, seeing all of the unread text messages. Twenty-three from him alone. They wanted an apology and to know what was going on with her. Since the accident, she hadn't been Kirstie, not the Kirstie they know. They weren't sure if it was some kind of trauma thing like this was her Mr. Hyde or whatever, but something was really wrong. And they were sick of it.

"I'm really sick of her at the minute. She's being a real bitch." Mitch said, locking his phone and putting it away. He was done waiting for her to reply. She had to realize that she was in the wrong.

"What happened to your girl, Kaplan?" Kevin asked, not wanting to be mean but not happy either, a very un-Kevin like mood.

"I don't know. I don't know if she blames me for getting beat up or if she was messed up enough in the head to start acting this way, but it needs to stop." Avi said. He was giving up on her. She needed to say something.

"Guys, don't you see what's going on?" Matt, the wise newcomer, asked. They all looked at him, shaking their heads. Mitch smirked when he saw Avi's beard flutter a little in the breeze from the open window. "She's struggling mentally at the moment and we are just making things worse. She isn't trying to mess up, and you're all forcing words onto her, and making her feel both suffocated and annoyed, like a baby. You're babying her. She has autism, she's not two. There's a big difference." Matt said, freeing himself a little from the difficult knowledge that he had. How could they not see this?

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