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"Wait Jordan, I have to study real quick seriously."

"I got you something. Put that book down for a second and come on, we're going to be right back."
I sat my book down and allowed Jordan to pull me out of my apartment and to the car.
Jordan was my older brother, on my dad's side, but my brother all the same. He took care of me, I wanted for nothing.

Ever since our sister died a few years ago he's been overprotective of me. He barks off all my boyfriends or male friends period, and keeps me tucked away from the "hood", where we grew up. He says it's not safe and I'm the only sister he has left so he doesn't want me in harms way.
"Can you tell me where we are going?"

"No keep your eyes closed."
We had been driving for 15 minutes or so but it feels like we've been going in a circle. I was a bit dizzy.

I slapped his hand away from my eyes and saw that were doing donuts in a huge driveway. Jordan began laughing after seeing my face.

"What the fuck are you doing?"

"Hey hey hey, watch the language, young lady. I had to drive in a couple circles to throw you off, we been here for 10 minutes." I shoved him and smacked his arm playfully before getting out the car

We were in the driveway of a beautiful house. I'd seen this house on the way to school every morning, it looked even more breathtaking past the gates.

"What are we doing here?"

Jordan threw me a set of keys before winking. I was confused for a second before I began screaming.

"No. No? No. Jordan, no!" I took off towards him and jumped on him, wrapping my arms around his neck

"Go in. This your house."

Although I was thankful I was turned off by those words. Your house.

"My house? Jordan I don't need this much house and I don't want this house if you're not going to be staying here with me."

"I got this house for you so I could know you were safe without me being around all the time. There's a gate that you would have to open from inside the house or with a code. There are cameras all the over the outside that you and I both could see on our phones and you could even get a guard dog."

This wasn't like Jordan, he didn't just leave me like this. He didn't make decisions like this without asking me how I felt about it. Something was off but I knew better than to ask.

I didn't know what Jordan did for money or how we could afford this house but one thing he always told me is that he can take care of himself.

"Jordan I don't want it. Where are you going? Why are you leaving all of a sudden?"

"Don't ask questions, Jayda. I did this for you and I need you to trust me."

I looked away from him and walked to the front door. He never tells me anything, I hated it, I'm grown now and I could handle knowing at least a little something. I didn't want to talk anymore, I wanted to go home and finish studying at the house my brother and I shared, not this over sized deathtrap.

I opened the door and the house was fully furnished, it was beautiful. Only two of the rooms were put together the other 4 were empty considering it was only Jordan and I.

"If you're not staying then why is your room set up?"

"When I do come back to stay I'll need my room set up already."

I huffed and handed him the keys to the house. I know I was aggravating him but how are you going to be with me everyday for the last 5 years to moving out so suddenly. Something wasn't right.

"Jayda. Stop acting like that. I'm trying to give you some independence, I thought you would like that. You're 21 now."

"I know how old I am."
I huffed and rolled my eyes as I made my way back outside to the car. I didn't even want to see the whole house.

Jordan followed me out and slammed the door to the house. He had no reason to be upset he's the one trying to alter my whole life, I didn't ask for any of this.

"I'm having all your shit and some of mine moved here tonight."

"Tonight? Jordan you didn't even ask me about this. Don't I have a say so in this?"

"No, you would've said the wrong shit if I gave you a say so."

"I'm not a child!"

"I'm trying to keep you safe!" He yelled at me as he drove, he didn't want to hear anything else I had to say but I had more to say. I grabbed his hand and squeezed it making him look over at me

"Tell me what's going on."

"No. Nothing is going on. I'm getting my sister out of a bad area and into a better one but she's being ungrateful."
After speaking he turned up the radio and took his hand from in mine. I scooted closer to my side of the car and cross my arms over my chest, something was wrong with Jordan and I had no clue as to what it could be.

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