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That night, In guest room

Todoroki POV

After Bunny went to bed me and Bakougo headed to the guest room I was excited for a night with just him, normally when we do it we do it with Bunny that way he dosen't feel to left out, but if we can get away, we will do it just us.

As soon as we walked into o the room and shut the door he was all up on me kissing me, he bite my lip for entry and I allowed it, we fought to dominating, which he happily won then after that he started to kissing and bite up and down my neck

"Hey don't hide it I want to hear your noises"

After that I let out a moan

"Mggg... B.bakugo"

"That's more like it"
He replied as he pushed me to the bed and started to take my shirt off

"Now let's have some fun"

I am sorry but I don't really feel comfortable smug so I wrote as much as I feel co.comfortable waiting If u have a promble With it i am sorry and I hope u can forgive me.

Bakougo POV

After all of that we were both tired me and Icy Hot pit our clothes back on and walked back to the garage to see our naked bunny fast asleep in his nest, we quietly join him falling asleep on either side of him.

Midoriya POV

I woke up to me Shoto and Kacchan weeping next to me I moaned at see them, 'dame what did I just do?' Then Kacchan woke up

"Was that a moaned I heard my little bunny"

"So..sorry K..Kacchan"

He then grabbed my cheek and kissed me

"Sorry bout what"

I started to blush but then he pulled away

"Wh...why did you stop"

"Not till tonite bunny"

I wimpered I wanted him right now
The Shoto woke up and kissed my back

I moaned

"But you will have me all day"

I looked at him a moaned again

"Mgg, I can't....meggs, wait.."

"Me either bunny"

Kacchan POV

As soon as Icy Hot got bunny under control I went to make breakfast I decided on waffles and bacon and called for Icy Hot and Bunny to come get breakfast at least 5 minutes later Icy Hot comes out holding Bunny and limping a little from last night.

I whispered  to him

"What a fun night last night"

"Yeah, look what you did"

He walked to the table and sat Bunny down in the chair and and sat in the chair across the table I smiled, which I only do around them, and continued to eat breakfast.

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