Chapter FortyNine- Power Behind Being A Ghost

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Chapter FortyNine- Power Behind Being A Ghost

July 31st: Waxing Gibbous

    After the small talk I'd had with Sadie about her going to see father I drifted off to sleep, hoping that she wouldn't go see that monster of a man. What could he do to help us anyway? He was both insane and a seriel killer that would probably do great giving us tips on how to get rid of a body. That wasn't what we needed though and in all honesty, we should be getting back to Riverwood in order to help the witches. Otherwise we will have nothing to help us against Amanda. 

    A bang in the woods woke me from my sleep, causing me to sit up wildly. The blood rushed to my head and I nearly fell over again, but I stopped, regaining my balance before getting up from the ground. 

    Walking around in the night wasn't exactly something I liked to do since I couldn't see, but the shouting and banging was piquing my curiousity. As I got closer to the ruckus I could make out York and Lockheart's voices, followed by Sadie and Andy who seemed like they were trying to resolve the conflict. 

    "You don't understand anything!" I heard Lockheart scream. He still wasn't in sight, but I was sure his face would be turned up into rage. 

    "I know what's best for my pack and that's staying out of this! There are other ways to save Amanda and what you're suggesting isn't a good way!"

    Lockheart's shimmering form finally came into my view and if he could have punched York I'm sure he would have. "If you actually cared about Amanda then you would take my idea into consideration! However, all you give a shit about is yourself and remaining alpha male before I come take that position back from you!"

    "Well, from the looks of it, you're not coming back from the dead any time soon so I have nothing to worry about!" York's eyes held a fire in them and I could tell he would say anything and everything to get Lockheart to stop thinking whatever he had in mind. 

    Sadie stepped in, placing a hand against York's chest to push him back. It wasn't like he'd have been able to do anything to Lockheart - he's a ghost after all - but the cooling down affect on him was brilliant. His face wasn't so mad anymore and even his muscles seemed to relax. 

    "I think you both went a bit too far," spoke Sadie. "Now, if we can just resolve this peacefully--"

    "There is no resolving this peacefully!" yelled Lockheart, obviously not calmed down like York. 

    Stepping into the circle I moved towards Lockheart, knowing that I wouldn't be able to do anything.  I could literally walk though him if I wanted so trying to hold him back would be worthless. I had to think of something to say and I had to think fast before Lockheart got real ticked off and went to do something stupid. I mean it's not like he could do much, but he does have a mouth still. I wouldn't be surprised if he went and blabbered on about something important to someone that really shouldn't know our secrets. 

    Sadie caught my eye and practically pleaded with me to say something. Clearing my throat, I spoke the only thing I could think to say. "What's going on here?"

    Lockheart was prepared for this kind of question because he began blurting everything all at once, talking over York who was also trying to explain his side of the story. With the two of them talking in such a way I wasn't able to make out any kind of sentence and to be honest, with their differing sides it might be hard to listen to both. 

    "Stop!" Sadie screamed. 

    All three of us looked over at her as she fumed silently. It was amazing how much easily she could change her moods. From the short amount of time I knew her she'd gone from innocent to creepy to angry to desperate. Her angry side was my least favorite, but somehow I knew there was no getting around it. She didn't have a neutral self it would seem. 

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