The Clowns Here Kill 2

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The ride starts moving but Mary go rounds are supposed to be not so fast this thing was going like 70 miles an hour "Ahhhh"we all scream and the clowns are pointing at Nikita to die

NathanCF:So there pointing at Nikita to die and I'm like fuck

And Luke the clown is about to roll until all of a fucking sudden Mortimer comes out with a gun and on a motorcycle and starts firing the gun scaring away the clowns and then Calliope comes out and starts unties us "Thank you"We all say and we run to a arcade and sit down and Sifaya finds a note that says we need all the artifacts and cleanse them so we can kill the carnival master "Joey why am I here"I ask in sassy tone "I Didn't know any of this was gonna happen"Joey says

NathanCF:half of me is like JOEY IS LIEING and the other half is screaming Joey is trust worthy

So we find out about stuff about a superhero named Zero G Man and we need to find the action figure and we need to make the action figure fly so we need to go to the clowns tent and then get balloons and make the action figure fly

So we run around trying to find the action figure and then Nikita finds it so we sneak over to the clowns tent and we start blowing up the balloons and Ro pops on accident "Ahhhh"We scream and hide I hide inside a empty barrel I'm surprised my ass could fit it there so I hear the clowns voice "Mamas comin"The clown yells "momma better take her ass out of here"I mumble and then I hear the clown walk out and then we get up and blow the balloons and we make the action figure fly and then all of a fucking sudden clowns come in and see us and Calliope and Mortimer protect us and Joey has the fucking box in his hand "Joey hide the damn box"I whisper and he puts it behind his back "You still have our music box"the main clown says "We're not giving you the box"Mortimer says "we will let you keep the box if you enter 2 people into a challenge and then there partner needs to free them"The main clown says "if one team finishes and the other doesn't the person that is put on this wheel will die"The main clown says and we all walk back to the arcade and we just sit there and I make a mouth pop sound

NathanCF:someone is gonna die I have a chance of being voted because I didn't really help out

"So would anyone like to volunteer"Jc says and me and Colleen do a resting bitch face "Bitch"Me and Colleen say at the same time and everyone laughs "How about this everyone comes up and picks one card and hand it to me and then I will shuffle the cards and then pick"Calliope says and we all agree I go last and I pick Joey I just have a bad feeling about him and then Calliope shuffles and then picks "First going into the is the..........Hippie"Calliope says "What"Colleen says "Who voted for you"Teala says "Second going into the challenge with the Hippie is the.........Photographer"Calliope says "Son of a bitch"I say "Who would vote for you"Nikita says "Yeah"Ro says

NathanCF:I'm being put up for Elimination that's just peachy

"Pick your partners"Calliope says "Matt"Jc says "Ok"Matt says "Roi"I say and Roi gives me a fist bump and then we walk to the Clown tent and I'm chained to the little wheel we're you throw knives on and Jc gets chained up "Hey don't lock those chains to tight"Matt says trying to be  cocky first thing they had to do is to pick which one the ball is under if you choose wrong you get a pie to the face and Roi does it correctly and then Matt is still stuck on the first one "Come on bro you can do it"I say and then Roi has to eat veggie hotdogs without any thing to drink he had to eat 4 of them and Roi is the daredevil so he's chocking em down and if I was Roi my ass would have been chocking cause that stuff looks nasty and then Roi goes to the next challenge and Matt is still stuck on the hotdogs and then Roi finishes the last challenge and he finishes and changes the head of the jack from the jack in the box and then "WE HAVE A WINNER"The main clown yells "AND BETTER YET A LOSER"The main clown yells and I look over and I see Jc getting stabbed repeatedly and then the clowns disappear and Roi comes over and unlocks my chains and Matt has sorrow and disappointment in his eyes as we walk back to the Arcade with Calliope and Mortimer behind us and then we walk in and everyone is shook "Oh my god"Colleen says "What happend"Manny says "I failed him"Matt says "Jc's dead"Roi says

If Nathan Died
(Nathan and Jc get voted and Nathan picks Roi and Jc picked Matt and then Roi loses and then Nathan gets stabbed repeatedly and then Nathan dies)

Joey:here we go again
Teala;some one in our group is dead and in my opinion he shouldn't have died
Nikita:we probably just lost all hope of getting out of here
Rossana:I'm so scared now someone just died
Sifaya:I can't believe this is actually happening
Manny:what the actual fuck just happend
Matt:Nathan is gone and I have a feeling he's not gonna be the only one gone tonight
Colleen:I blame Joey
Roi:I can't believe I had failed him

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