The Clowns Here Kill 1

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"And Guys how do you like my pink hair"I say to the webcam "I think I did pretty good on dying it"I say to the webcam "But anyway this is the end of the video"I say to the webcam "Goodbye everyone and god bless everyone piece out"I say as I turn off my webcam I'll edit it later and then my Pomeranian comes up and jumps onto me i was sitting on my couch "Aww"I say towards my puppy I pick up my phone and order a pizza and time flies I turn on my tv and watch Stranger Things on Netflix and then I hear a knock on my door and I thought it was the pizza delivery man turns out it was the mailman "For Nathan Smith"The mailman says and smiles "Um Bitch where's my pizza I did not order this I ordered a small pepperoni"I say as I slam my door shut I didn't like that mailman he always comes up to my door I know damn well he has a mail car because I've seen it it's like I don't have a damn mailbox and I do I sit down and look on at the letter and it's stuff about a dangerous mission and stuff about town stuck in year 1970s and I was like BITCH but then I was like ok I'm going and apparently I was the Photographer I get dressed and I call my sister Lola and she arrives and I let her in "What are you wearing little bro"Lola asks "I'm hanging out with Joey and Friends I'll be back by 6:00 at least I should be"I say "Ok"Lola said "So can  u watch Luna"I say pointing at my puppy "Sure"Lola says and my puppy starts jumping up  and down towards My sister and I wait and then Matt and Rossana pull up and honk the horn Matt had a old time mustang  "Bye"I say hugging my sister and hugging my puppy Luna "Bye bro"Lola says as I give her my house keys and I walk out to Matt's car Rossana was sitting in the front seat I get into the back seat  and Matt starts driving "Thanks for picking me up guys"I say "Yes we know your a bad driver"Matt says and Ro giggles "I'm kinda sketchy about this"Ro says and me and Matt nod and then we arrive and time pasts "Like where's Joey"Nikita says "I legit thought this was a collab"Colleen says and we laugh "Seriously"Jc says "Yeah"Colleen says "Like is that Joey oops never mind that's a branch"Sifaya says and we laugh "Is this the town"Teala says "This is obviously not the town"I say we were in the middle of the woods and it was night time and so we made a fire "Like honey that's just bad hosting"I say and everyone laughs and speak of the devil Joey pops up out of no where "You Guys came"Joey says "Joey"everyone yells as they hug Joey and he tells us that we have to do a seance thingy and he said a green mist had enter our body like I've had things living in me like I've had a ringworm I don't think it'll be that bad and he tells us we have to chant something and we do so and the green mist goes in everyone through there mouths "AHHHH"I scream high pitched kinda and we see like sparks and a brig appears and a curtain appears we walk on the brig and a girl clown pops up from behind the curtain"Ahhh"everyone screams backing away from the clown "Welcome the the Carnival haha"The clown says since she greeted us basically she was the main clone "We have a snake woman,a strong man,and dolls with knives ITS LIKE BLOODY CHRISTMAS EVERYDAY"She yells and some mumbles go through the group "ENJOY THE CARNIVAL"The main clown yells as she pulls the curtain back and we walk in "Dolls with Knives"I mumble loudly and everyone kinda giggles and the carnival was a cut little carnival and me,Ro,and Matt got onto the Farris wheel there was a cute little blanket laid out for us and we sit down the seat was actually really roomy and the ride starts moving and then we're about to get the blanket and put it over us until we noticed a newspaper the Clown that Greeted us front page "What?"Matt says "That's the clown that greeted us"Ro says and then I read the article that says clowns of everlock Kill I gasp and then the ride stops smack at the top and there was no more fun happening "DONT TRUST THE CLOWNS"We try yelling to the group they can't hear and then the Mayor comes out on the balcony and we can't hear what's going on but we see Joey cranking a music box and then we heard gunshots and screams I scream and the ride strarts tilting "Oh my gosh don't do that"Ro says so if we move this ride is gonna flip and then we heard screaming and then Roi,Colleen,and Joey got taken "We have to distract them"I say "Throw your stuffed animal"Ro says "I'm not throwing Blanche"Matt says "If you won't I will"Ro says pulling out her stuffed dog "Bye blueberry"Ro says and she throws her stuffed animal it hits a clown with a very deep voice it was a girl tho "OOHH I GOT A PUPPY"The clown yells "BRING EM DOWN NOWW"The clown yells and then the ride starts moving and we freak out because when we get off the the A clown slap center when we get off and then we reach the bottom and we pretend to struggle getting off the ride "Oh this is so difficult"Matt fakes "Tottally not faking"I say and then Calliope she was the crazy lady we talked to earlier and then Calliope smacks the clown with a crowbar and the clown falls "That's a huge bish"Calliope says as we get off the ride and she takes us to a tent and we look at a jester hat on the newspaper and then we break the pillow and it has a piece to a mirror and a light on the mirror lights up "Maybe we need to have all the lights light up"Ro says and we break a  piñata and there was a piece in it and then we get another one then we couldn't find the last one and there was one place we didn't look there was a toilet in there "Here we go"Matt says "I'll keep watch"Calliope says "Yeah Do something now"I sass and Ro and Matt putt there hand in the toilet I was about but a no that thing had a bitten apple,poop,pee and nasty stuff in there and then I don't put my hand in that and Matt and Ro find a piece to the mirror and then a light lights up and then a drawer opens and there's a note "By sunrise the town of Everlock will burn"Matt reads "What"Me and Ro "The carnival master"Calliope says "Huh"I ask "That means the carnival master will strike at sunrise"Calliope says so yay we're gonna be stuck in year 1970 and then we hear screams "We have to make a run for it"Ro says "Yeah"me and Matt say "one"I say "two"Matt says "three"Ro says "GO"we all say and we all run out "Ahhh"Ro gets got and then Calliope gets hit "Ahhh"Matt gets caught but thankfully I was on the track team in high school so I was over here dun dun dun dun running like flash until a bitch of a clown cuts me off and gets me and ties me up to the mary go round "YOU GUYS STOLE FROM US AND WE WANT OUR BOX BACK"The main clown says "Bitch dumbass you gave it to Joey"Nikita yells to the clown "HERES THE RULES IF LUKE ROLLS YOUR NUMBER I CUT EM RIGHT IN FRONT IF YOUR FRIENDS"The main clown yells "bitch what the fuck is wrong with you psycho bitch did your mom not hug you enough"I yell and the group ohhh "BUT IF LUKE ROLLS A 12 I WILL LET GO ONE OF YOU"The main clown yells "LETS START"the main clown yells and the Mary go round starts moving

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