Abyssinia Beloved

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Abyssinia, the horn of Africa. I hold my life in a bowl. The rice of today sits fluffy and white as the foam of the sea. The rice maybe my only food for today so, I wait to midday to consume my food. The bowl then becomes useful for coin.

My parents departed when I was an infant and I became an orphan to the motherland. I refuse to beg for coin so, I sing the songs of the faithful. I chant the names of the most-high and praise humanity's beloved.

When the sun seeps into the bowl of the sea I rest under a nursing tree that my parents planted when they had married. I cup my praying hands into a bowl and speak.

'I am grateful for my voice, my tree and my bowl. May the joy of life always keep my bowl full of passion and love.'

Published by AdHoc Fiction & Winning Story for the week, 05/06/2019

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