Part 6

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I stayed where I was in the kitchen and refused to leave. I didn't want to hurt Y/N anymore. Just because Zach is literally amazing doesn't mean I'd leave Y/N for him...would I?
"Zachary Dean Herron get down here!" I heard Myta's voice come through the door.
"Hey Myta," I said and gave her a quick hug before going down to the studio.

Zach POV:
I heard my mom yell from downstairs and was hella confused. When I walked downstairs the front door opened again and Y/N walked in.
"Fuck," I said under my breath.
"Hi Mom," I said and hugged her.
"What are you doing here," I asked and looked over at Y/N.
"You are watching Ryan and Reese for the night, Your father and I have plans for our anniversary," My mom said and Reese came running to the house.
"Y/N!" She yelled amd Y/N picked her up.
"Sounds good so wheres Ryan?" I asked and Ryan came in with his and Reese's bags.
"Sup bro," Ryan said and fist bumped me.
"Ok I'll be back tomorrow for them," My mom said giving us and Y/N a hug before leaving.
"Where's Jack?" Y/N asked and I shrugged.
"I call Zach's bed!" Reese yelled, grabbing her bag and running up the stairs.
"No you dont," Ryan said and ran after
"None of y'all are getting my bed!" I yelled and ran upstairs.

I walked into the kitchen and looked at the studio door and the red light was on. I knocked on the door and then heard shuffling coming from downstairs.
"Jack are you down there?" I asked.
"Yeah the door open," Jack yelled back and I went downstairs.
"Hey baby," I said and sat next to Jack on the couch.
"Hi beautiful," Jack said and pecked my lips.
"Ryan and Reese are staying the night," I said.
"Cool so what's up?" Jack asked.
"Nothing?" I said confused and Jack got up and went over to the sound board.
"Jack are you ok?" I asked and Jack nodded.
"Jack I know you're lying," I said and went over to him.
"Y/N everything is ok I promise," Jack said and hugged me. I was still hella confused. Jack has never promised me things. I know somethings up so Im gonna find out.

Jack POV
I fucked up badly, I have never promised her anything. This needs to end soon.

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