“Go” she tuned to Nicolai “she needs you, go” he nodded.

“Wait!” Nicolai heard James yell, he sounded in pain. Nicolai ignored him and walked to his car.

“I know-I know where she is!” he said with an excruciating voice. Nicolai stopped in his track, turned around and rushed to where James laid on the ground.

“Where is she?!” he asked taking James by the shirt.

“Take me with you” James told him.

“Where is she!” Nicolai tightened his grip on James’s shirt.

 “I want to help her too…” James gasped out.

“Why should you care, you were the one to sell her to the rogues” hatred in every word he said.

“I had my reasons” James strained “just listen to me, I have a plan”

Nicolai hesitated, he could not trust this man, it could be a trap. But he knew where Selene was. Nicolai sighed, and nodded.

* * * * * *

Selene searched with no success for a way to get out of the car’s trunk. She had managed to free herself from the ropes the rogues had tightened around her wrists and feet.

“Damn it” she said bringing her hands to her side, and touching something smooth. “What…” she said as she closed her hand around the item. Her eyes widened, “the scissors” she gasped out. She had not remembered she had it with her all the time, or how the rogues did not see it, it did not matter. She gripped strongly to the scissors handle, and waited for the car to come to a stop.

* * * * * *

Finally, after what felt like hours of waiting the car came to a halt. Selene heard the door open and close. She heard footsteps coming closer to where she was. This is it she told herself placing the scissors next to her. Whoever opened that door would get the surprise she hoped it was the rogue’s leader that would open the door. Slowly, the trunk opened, light entered overcoming all the darkness. Selene closed her eyes for a second to gain courage. She clutched the scissors tightly and opened her eyes.

As soon as she saw the figure of a man in front of her Selene threw herself at the man, stabbing him straight in the chest as hard as she could.

“Get a hold of that stupid bitch!” someone yelled, and before she could run for it there were hands holding her down.

Selene looked down to the man she had attacked on the ground, it wasn’t the leader to her disappointment. She saw from the corner of her eye the leader walked to the man on the ground and put the back of his hand to the man’s neck. “He’s dead” he announced.

“You little bitch” he said walking to her and slapping her. Selene felt her whole left part of her face sting, but she could not show weakness to this man. She straightened up; as much as it hurt, she turned to look at him with defiance.

 There was a surprised expression in the face of the leader, but that quickly vanished and an amused expression took its place, he chuckled “I guess I misjudge you, you are far stronger that what I’ve thought”. He turned to look at the man holding Selene down, “take her to my room, I’ll see what to do with her” all the man burst into laughter.

* * * * * *

“Were here” James whispered hiding behind a tree. Nicolai turned to see a small cabin surrounded by millions of trees. So, this is where the rogues had been all along.  It was the most lightened part of the forest; it could be seen for miles, even at night. Not once did it occur to me to come by this side of the forest.

“Well, what are we waiting for” Nicolai said taking a step toward the cabin.

“No” James said pulling him to the ground before he could take another step.

“Get your hands off me” Nicolai roared.

“Who’s there?” a voice said.

“Stay here” James demanded, and before Nicolai could protest he got up and turned to where the voice came from.

“It’s me” James said coming out into the man’s view.

“Ah, it’s you James, what happened to you, looks like you got a bad beating?”

James shrugged, “Where’s the boss?”

The man smiled “he ordered for the girl to be taken into his room, they’ve been there for half an hour already”

Hearing this Nicolai’s blood heated, without thinking he jumped out of his lurking place and grabbed the man by the head knocking him out as the man’s head came into contact with a nearby tree.

“Damn it didn’t I told you to wait” James reprimanded him.

“I’m done with waiting, we get Selene, and we get her right now”

* * * * * *

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