part 1

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A girl is shown sitting in canteen when suddenly a boy came from behind and blind folded  her

Boy.  Guess who is he

Ani. My cutie Billu. She turned and hugged him tightly

All aww to seeing their friendship.

Ani. Where were u these day shiv. I was missing u alot.

Shiv. Oww baby I'm so sorry. Its just that we had a wedding in village so I went there with my parents.

Ani. But u would have inform me na. U know how much I was getting worried for u

Shiv. I'm sorry ani. It's just that I couldn't get time and also it's got slipped out of my mind

Ani.  It's ok come have a seat. Shivaay nodded and set beside her

Shiv. Ara where is our gang

Ani. All went to meet professor sinha as u know he gonna be retire soon.

Shiv. U didnt go who is big chamchi of professors.

Ani. But except mr senha.  Bcz I don't  like him

Shiv. Yeah yeah i know why u don't like him.

Ani. And if u know then shut ur mouth dont need to open it

Shivaay giggle and zipped his mouth

Mainwhile both r talking when waiter came there and kept egg sandwich infront of anika. Anika smile at him and he left from there.

Anika about to grab her sendwich when shivaay picked it and started eating

Ani. U can't  change ur habit to eating from my plate ha na

Shiv. Bcz I feel good to do it.

Ani. Dumbo

Shiv. Thanks he gave her cheeky smile and took one more bite.

Ani. Shiv what r u doing u smeared all katchep on ur lips. Come I'll clean it she goes near her and cleaned his lips with tissue. But suddenly her eyes fell on shivaay's direction and found him staring somewhere else. She followed his gaze and got  him staring at a girl .

Ani. Shiv

Shiv. Wow she is so pretty. He slightly pushed anika and started walking towards that girl..

Ani. Shiv she tried to stop him.but he didn't listen her and continue  to going towards her

G. Hi I'm tia kapoor , I'm new in this college. Will u tell me where is principal's room.

Shiv. Yeah why not even I'll itself take u there


Shiv. Come then he held her hand and dragged her with him

Anika who was calling him from.5 minutes he didnt listen to her and left with tia .

Anika got sad and bend her head

Ani ,malika called anike keeping her hand on her shoulder

M. Anika why u don't tell him.u love him.  Look girl don't take to much time other wise u will regret

Ani. Dont say that mali. I'm.trying but when ever I goes near him I dont know why my mouth get seal. I'm not able to Express my feelings to him

M .ani. but u has to be strong for  Expressing ur feelings.

Ani. Hmm

M. Ok come all r waiting for us in canteen. Anika nodded left with her

After sometime

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