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I hurried straight to my room as soon as I reached my apartment, realizing just how tired & stressed I was. I sat at the edge of my bed and a frame on the bed side table caught my glance. I swallowed the lump on my throat as I held it in my hands. My eyes were blurry with tears that was threatening to fall clouding my vision. "I missed you so much, mom. I wonder how things were different if you're still here. I missed everything about you, your smile & laugh, your tight hug & kisses, your beef caldereta..." I chuckled. "That's your best dish and I just can't get over those. I can't. I hope you didn't left us! You left us here to go through all of these troubles on our own!" I cried. I never cried for so long. I never shed even a single tear since. Thinking how I need to be strong for my brother. I kept it all in. All the pain but right now, I think I just had the last straw. I'm upset how things can easily go south in my life.

The vibration of my phone in my pocket brought me back to my present, the very reality I wanna escape from. I used the back of my hands to wipe my tears. "H-hello?"

"Hello? Alice is that you?" I recognized the voice.

"Aunt Letty? Yes, it's me. How are you, what do I owe this call?" Feeling uneasy. Something must be up. She won't call me unless... it has something to do with dad. The bitter memories of him buried deep down were coming to the surface.

"Allison, I know things were not good between you and your father b-but.."

"What happened?" I asked worriedly. Why the hell am I worried?!

"Were here at the hospital now. He was hit by a truck. I, I don't know all the details. But can you come here?!"

"What? What hospital aunt Letty? Is he alright?!"

"I can't tell by now he's still in the emergency room, will you come? He needs you now..." Aunt Letty said sadly.

"Yes, I'll go now. See you in a bit. Thank you aunt Letty." I ended the call button. I pinched the bridge of my nose, feeling a headache coming on. Can't this day get any better?!

I grabbed my cardigan and as I was about to leave my brother came in.

"Hey sis -- you're leaving?"

"You're early.."

"Yep, we're done early. It's as easy as a pie. Wait you haven't answered my question anyways can I come?" He smiled at me sheepishly.

"I'm going to the hospital, Aunt Letty called. Dad got hit by a truck." Just then his face changed and turned cold.

"I think you mean, he got hit by karma?"

"Joseph! This is no time for jokes. He's our father! Don't say such words! And he needs us, right now."

"Need us?!" He mocked angrily. "In case you've forgotten sis our father was long gone!"

"Joseph! This is not the right time for that. Whatever he has done, no matter how much hatred we have for him we have to put it aside for the meantime. He's still our father and he needs us now!" I dragged him out with me.

We reached the hospital in no time. I can't explain what I exactly feel. I hate him but I know for sure that I'm worried as fuck. Four years, four fucking long years! We survived every day, every year on our own. But he's still our father and no matter how much I hate him this is the right thing to do. We went inside the hospital and I saw Aunt Letty instantly, I ran to her and she hugged me tightly.

"Allison, it's been a long time. How are you and Joseph?"

"We're fine." I gave her a slight tight smile. "What about Dad?"

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