56 pt 2. You Shouldn't Have Come

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I walked over to Cyrus' family, who were now standing beside a large round table. His sister Amelia was now playing with the other children over to the side, leaving her parents accompanied by other elders that I recognised from that dreadful boardroom meeting and also Alpha Damian.

The table itself radiated of so much power, with Enzo and Marcus situated beside two empty seats that I assumed were for Cyrus and I.

Just seconds before, I had this confidence to meet his family, dismissing his previous warnings against it. But now, now that I saw his father, his step-mother and the rest of his 'friends', I was beyond nervous.

I stepped towards his father and the powerful man turned around, linking his arms with his wife. She looked over confused, with her eyebrows creased before looking over at me, a smile forming on her lips.

"It's about darn time!" Was the first words she spoke to me, dismissing the tension that I could feel in the air.

"I'm Cecilia, I'm so glad to finally meet you, Nevaeh!" She smiled brightly, bringing her palm out to me. I smiled widely, matching her energy.

"It's a pleasure to meet you!" I said rather too formal for my liking.

Cecilia was a woman of Asian descent. She had a vibrant glow to her skin. The woman appeared to be almost fifty years old, standing at the height of Five foot seven, with a smile that could make anyone's day better. But she had a certain shyness to her, hidden behind that smile. She looked nervous. I could see that through her hesitation in her body movements, and how she seemed to watch me as if waiting for an invitation to speak.

From beside me, I felt Cyrus' arm snake around my waist as he stood directly in front of his father. I turned my head towards his father, Ragon, and smiled, placing my hand out to him.

"Hi," I smiled, "I'm Nevaeh,"

*As if he didn't know..* My wolf groaned and I stifled my smile.

"A pleasure to meet Cyrus', beautiful mate. I'm Ragon." He smiled. To my amazement, this man was beyond stunning. He was definitely older than fifty but had a youthful glow to him. Not only did he look just like Cyrus, but they both also had the exact same mesmerising eyes. His suit didn't even hide his structured physique within and it made me glad to assume that Cyrus would look like him when he ages.

I was afraid that he'd be this angry man but from what I could see, Ragon Christensen appeared to be a gentle soul. He held no animosity towards Cyrus. However, I could tell just from his eyes and the nervousness he radiated that he was drowning in guilt. And Cyrus didn't make it any easier with his eyes darted to Ragon as if warning him.

"Who's hungry! I know I am!" Cecilia gushed excitedly and pulling Ragon towards his chair.

We followed suit and took our seats. Cyrus sat awkwardly besides Enzo, the two of them immediately engaged in a conversation. I, on the other hand, sat beside Cecilia who's smile never left her face.

A sudden heavy silence settled over us, thicker than the uneasy tension in the atmosphere. Unsettled eyes glanced unceremoniously around and tried to avoid catching other glances that passed by. It was harder as anywhere you looked, you made direct eye contact with some else.

I hated rounded tables...

Ragon shifted uncomfortably in his seat and placed his intertwined hands on the edge of the table, leaning towards Alpha Damian that sat directly opposite him.

Champagne was brought out and I immediately poured myself a drink, this awkwardness was becoming unbearable.

"So.." Cecilia began and I smiled thankfully. I desperately wanted someone to say something!

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