Vypers chapter 3

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    We arrive at my house fourish. The air is crisp yet nice. We walk inside my house my dad comes and looks up to see Isabella.

    “Dad, Isabella.” I say “Isabella, Dad. Ok let’s go we only have about two hours till he comes.”

    “Ok girls go get all gussied up.,” he says

    “Thanks for letting me come to your home.” Isabella says politely

    “No problem.” he says then retires to his study

    We go up to my room.

    “What are we going to wear?” she says while her gray eyes study the closet.

    “I don’t really know.” I reply

    I turn on some music and blast it up. I straighten my hair until it is perfectly straight. I put on converse and ripped skinny jeans with a tank top and a jacket. I apply a lot of mascara and blush. My eyes are sparkling blue. Isabella put on tights, a black tooto, and an awesome jacket. Oh and a purple shirt. She looks pretty and I look ok. We walk down to the park and I see Ethan pull up. He walks over to Isabella and me. We each aside of him and loop our arms through his.

    “Hello ladies, you look lovely tonight.” he looks at me his purple eyes sparkling with curiosity

    “Hello.” I say, “How are you?”

    “Much better now.” he says and looks at me as if I am the loveliest thing on earth.

    “Well we better get this date started.” Isabella says as we pile into the car.

    “Where are we going anyways?” she adds

    “A really nice place.” he says then smirks happily and drives.

    The trees fly by the windows we are nearing a small cabin like house. It is beautiful and modest.

    “Well here we are.”  He says

    “Oh my god!” Isabella yells “You’re taking us to the lake house?!”

    “What’s the lake house?” I ask confused

    “Just the best place in the world!” she says her eyes get big “it’s the nicest restraunt and not to mention the most expensive!” she smiles wide

    “Expensive?” I say “Ethan you really don’t have to---”

    He cuts me off “Haley its ok. Come on.”

    He grabs my hand and wraps his fingers in mine. A warm soft flash of gentleness spread up my arm.

    I finally gave in “Fine.”

 We walk inside, it is this beautiful restraint with lovely tables, and the aroma of food makes my stomach growl. Ethan picks a table and sits across from me as Isabella sits next to me. Ethan looks lovely as ever. His hair a perfect blonde and his eyes sparkles perfect purple.

    “Are your eyes contacts?” I ask out of curiosity

    He laughs “Nope my eyes are naturally purple. Weird I know but they match my personality…” he smirks

    “Well they sure are pretty.” I say gazing into them longingly

    He laughs sweetly and says “well you have and amazing voice and beautiful eyes.”

    I cannot stop blushing. “Thank you.”

    “Well its true.” he says then flashes me a beautiful smile

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