Vypers chapter 2

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    Instead of my dads yelling at me, I wake up to the beeping of my alarm clock. I rub my eyes and slam my hand on the buzzer. I groan and stretch. The blankets are of so warm the air is crisp and cold. I get up, walk to the bathroom. I look in the mirror, and sigh.My eyes are blue, like those of a wolf. I start the shower and get in. the warm water wakes me up. I get out and decied on a very different outfit. I put on ripped faded blue skinny jeans and a vans shirt that is black with the word VANS written in spray paint white letters. I grab my blue high top converse and a cool dark blue jacket. I blow-dry my blonde hair. In addition, straighten it. I put on my makeup and I look much better now. I look in the full body mirror. ‘Blake’s right I need to gain weight’ I think. I am skinny. I go down stairs and grab a bowl and my frosted flakes. The rest of the milk slides down my throat and makes me shiver. I brush my teeth and swish mouthwash. Then I chew a piece of mint gum. Dad was still asleep. Its seven o’clock. I think 'screw this' i grab my jacket and my ipod. I stuff my cell phone into my pocket and walk out the front door.

    My breath hangs in the air as i walk down the street. The cracks in the cement are entertaining to look at. I pull my arms around myself and shiver. The school is just a block away. I walk down the street and turn the corner. 'There it is' i think 'lone pine high' take a deep breath. 'Freshman year at a new school and no friends. Great.'  The cars fill the parking lot and a bunch of people sitting around waiting for the bell to ring. I take a deep breath and walk up the cold cement stairs. I push the door open and a gust of warm air is inviting. I pul out the note my dad gave me: ALGEBRA 2 HONORS, PE/HEALTH HONORS, World history, Biology, lunch B, Music, chorus, and French. ‘Argh.’ I think.  Read the bottom of the note: locker 23d combo: 145327. I walk down the crowded hallway to my locker. The lockers a blue and I enter the combo and open it up. I take out my algebra book, my history book and my biology book. Then close the locker. The girl from the store, the black haired girl was standing and staring at me. I jump.

    “Did I startle you?” she asks her voice high pitched and quiet lovely, with a British accent.

    “Uh um…” I was speechless “yes.”

    She has dainty features and gray eyes that are quiet terrifying. The air seems to be cold. Her skin is pale and her hair only reaches past her ears. Yet, she is quiet lovely. She frowns. “I’m sorry about Terse the other day, I mean when she pushed you into that guy.”

    ‘I don’t need you charity.’ the words burned in the back of my throat “its fine.”

     “Well I see your locker is next to mine.” she states matter-o-factly

    “So I see.” I say “Your name is?”

    “Oh how rude of Me.” her accent through me off “Isabella Ramon.”

    “Hello, im Haley Peterson.” I say and shake her hand

    “I suppose you need a guide around here.” she says her voice rings softly and sweetly

    “I guess so.” I say and she shuts her locker and loops her arm in mine. I shiver as chills sweep through me.

    We walk down the hallway as she explains each class and where it is. The bell has not ringed yet and she telling me about which teachers to behave the best for when the cheerleader walks up to Isabella.

    “Isabella” she looks at me her eyes cold “who’s your little…uh…friend.”

    Isabella is caught speechless. “U-uh Th-this I-is Haley.”

    “I know her face.” She looks at me and tilts her head to the left letting her brown hair fall in her face “oh yeah, you were the one that fell in the store.”

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