Vypers chapter 1

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Chapter One

My breath fogged up the crisp night air. I lay there on the green grass looking up at the starry brilliant sky. The breeze ruffling my hair. I stare at the sky for a while. I rub my arms for the blood to bring warmth. Chills run down my spine. The cool wind blows a little more gently and my breath sends a fog rising, like a thin cloud, in the air. I lie there for a while longer. Then I stand up my legs still in their peaceful slumber. I brush my bangs away from my eye. My nose stings from the freezing cold. The blades of grass are chilled and coated with drops of water I run for my back door. When I open the door a gust of warm air blows onto me, sending shivers down my body. The door shut softly. I walk quietly to the stairs and go up them the carpet a warm refresher to my freezing feet. I then hear the soft snoring of my dad. My legs are waking up sending a prickling through them, its painful yet it feels good. I walk into my room and change out of my jeans and t-shirt. I get into my soft sweats and a shirt two times my size. The moonlight comes through the window and lands softly on my  bed. I turn out the lights and climb into the warm, inviting bed. The light shifts around when I move in my blankets. The glow in the dark stars shine faintly on my ceiling. I stare at the stars, engrossed in my thoughts until my eyelids are too heavy to keep lifted up. I fall asleep safe and soundly.

    I awake to the warm sunlight hitting my face. I blink tiredly the glare of the sun in my eyes. I lie there for a while longer. Until my father yells for me.

    “Haley!!!” he bellows “Get out of bed right now!”

    ‘Ugh’ I think, I then shout back “Give me a minuet father”

    I get up out of bed slowly and reluctantly, pace into my bathroom, I close the door. Then examine my reflection. My long blonde hair was a mess; my eyes are dark green today. ‘great’ I wonder to myself ‘prettier than my blue eyes?’ I examine my pale almost flawless, smooth skin. I just look sleepy. I sigh and start the shower. The hot water burns my skin but feels great. After the shower I do not feel sleepy at all, I feel almost energetic. I blow dry my hair until its soft and dry. I straighten, until it is straight and smooth it. My bangs lie neatly over my left eye and my hair drops a little bit past my shoulders. It is a dirty blonde color. I put on mascara and eyeliner so my eyes look way more shinning green, and my lips are a perfectly pink and so are my cheeks, though my face looks catlike. I smile and my teeth are perfect and white. I look okay, except my sweats and oversized t-shirt. I pull my ripped skinny jeans and a black Hollister shirt on. I put on my black converse with the initials B.P on the white edge.

    “Haley!!” my dad bellows “Get down here now! You need to run to the store and get groceries!”

    “Me?!” I yell back “Again? Dad I just went two weeks ago!”

    “Haley you are going to the store or you just aren’t eating!” he shouts sternly

    “Why can’t you do it?” I yell back challengingly

    “Haley!!!” he yells loudly “I have work to do here! Now shut up and get your butt down here and go buy the groceries!”

    I curse underneath my breath. “Fine! I will!” I yell

    “Haley!!” he yells a minute later

    I grab my vans jacket, and run down the stairs grabbing my ipod and putting it in my pocket. I put one ear phone in and turn on a song.

    “Here you go.” dad says and looks at me with his dark brown menacing  eyes “Be back soon ok? And if u don’t there will be consequences.”

    “Yes Sir!” I say a bit rudely and glare at him and salute being mean on purpose

    He just glares at me and hands me the money. I walk away and slamming the wood door behind me.

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