~Chapter 2~

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**Okay,I know it's a littlebit short, and so was the last one. I'll try to make it longer next time. It'll really start to pick up in chapter five, maybe even four! Please comment, also. And thank you for reading. =]**

Chandler's POV

Skating back home alone, with Tyler's science book tucked under my arm, I thought about the upcoming "Welcome Back To School" dance. I hadn't asked anyone yet, and there was no way I was going by myself. I'd go with my friends, but they all had dates already. Why did I wait so long? I wondered.

Not going wasn't an option, either, because Josh would make me go. Plus, I wanted to go, just not alone. So the real problem is, with who?

I arrived at my white, two-story Tudor, hopped off my skateboard, and walked inside.

"Chandler? Is that you?" my mom asked.

"Yup. I'm going to go study," I told her.

"'Kay." I dropped my skateboard by the front door and ran up the stairs.

I jumped onto my water bed, waiting for it to stop jiggling. I cracked open Tyler's textbook, grabbed my homework off my side table, and started defining my vocabulary words.

Hydrotropism: One of the three geotropisms, which makes plant roots grow toward water.

I flipped around in the glossary, finding definitions for my other words. After a while, though, I stopped. I couldn't help wondering who the people who had moved in next to Stacey's were. I wonder if they had kids....

"Chandler!" my mom yelled from downstairs. Sighing, I slid off my bed and stuck my head out the doorway.

"Yeah, Mom?"

"Your brother's on the phone!" Josh? I wondered. Why would he be calling? I rushed down the stairs and grabbed the home phone from my mom.

"Whats up, Josh?" I said into the phone.

"Hey, bro. You got a date for the dance yet?" Ugh, him too? Come on!

I sighed and said, "No, Josh. You know that."

"Right. Well, now you do."


"I. Got. You. A. Date," he said slowly.

"How? And who?" I asked. I heard him chuckle.

"No way am I telling you! It'll be a surprise, 'Kay man? You could thank me later."

"Thank you? Josh, you know I don't do blind dates."

"You do now," he said, and hung up. Crap, Josh! I felt like slapping him, but he wasn't here, so I resorted to slamming the phone down.

Well, I did need a date. But I didn't want it to be some random person! I sighed again and trudged upstairs.

"Honey? Is something wrong? Is Josh okay?"

"Yeah, mom. Josh is just fine." I rolled my eyes and continued up the stairs. Yeah, he is, but I'm not.

I jumped back onto my bed and finished my homework, thinking about my mystery date. I guess I'll meet her tomorrow. There's no way I'm waiting until the dance.

Sam's POV

Okay, so now I guess I have a date for the dance. I wasn't even completely planning on going. But, I guess I can't back out now.

Stacey had just been over to tell me she had found me a date. Instantly, I thought of that boy I'd seen from the window. But there was no way that could be. A guy like him would've had a date the day they announced the dance, not a few days before it was going to happen.

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