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Uff finally i escape from rudy. He chase me like i stole his whole property. I again feel thirsty because of him . I need water . Finally i spot gori she now also talking with his long hair boy friend i lost my patience i drag gori from the place.

Gor_anika what why you frag me

Ani_gori i want water

Gor_go and drink it from kitchen.

Ani_no rudy was roaming near kitchen if i go there he surely catch me

Gor_why he going to catch you

Ani_i drink his protein shake.

Gor_omg then its big problem he cannot leave you

Ani_don't make me scare first bring water for me.

Gor_ok wait here i go and get it.

Gori go near kitchen

Rud_bhabi you saw thief bhabi.

Gor_thief bhabi oh you mean anika

Rud_how you know she was thief bhabi.

Gor_i know everything.

Rud_if you see her inform me ok
Agent rudy on mission.

Gor_ok go

After few hours i enter into his room but its officially my room also. I slowly enter into room i saw him playing with dolls. He saw me

Shiv_who are you

I glare him

Shiv_i just kidding you are my wife na come you keep tiger we play come wifey

Ani_my name was anika call me by my name.


Ani_ a n i k a anika

Shiv_a n i k a WIFEY.......


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