In A Heartbeat

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"I've looked everywhere, Scott. He isn't answering his phone, Rosco is in the driveway, and the house looks completely normal besides the mountain of sandwiches he was making for the pack." The sheriff told Scott over the phone frantically. He paced the living room of his home staring down at Stiles phone waiting for it to ring. This wasn't like Stiles, he didn't just up and leave without his phone; Stiles doesn't go anywhere without his Jeep. There was something wrong.

"I'm on my way along with the pack," Scott told the sheriff giving his pack a look to get their asses moving and he was out the door of Derek's loft and racing down the road to the Stilinski household. 

Scott dropped his motorcycle in the lawn of the Stilinski home and raced inside with the pack on his heels. The sheriff was sitting on the couch with Stiles keys in his hands still staring down at his son's phone on the coffee table. "Sheriff," Scott slowly walked in front of the man who he saw as a father. 

"My old bat isn't in the hall closet, his keys were in the lawn, his phone was sitting on the coffee table. Someone took him, Scott, someone took my son." The sheriff looked at his adopted son with tears in his eyes. He didn't know what to do at this point, he's worked in the police force for years, but now his own son had been taken and he didn't know what to do besides calling a group of supernatural kids.

"We'll find him, Sheriff, I won't let anything happen to Stiles." Scott grabbed the sheriff's shaking hands in his own trying to calm the older man. 

"Issac, Derek, Theo, check the surrounding area for any sign of what might have happened. Lydia, would you mind making some coffee? Malia and Liam check the rest of the house for anything strange." Scott looked to his pack who scattered the second orders were said. "Sheriff was there anything off about Stiles lately that you might have caught when we wouldn't have, was there any strange cars around? Anything out of the ordinary."

"Scott," The Alpha turned seeing the Argents standing in the entryway of the living room. "What can we do to help?" Chris stepped forward giving the sheriff a sad smile. 

"We don't know what exactly happened yet. If he was attacked, tricked, we don't know." Lydia said walking in with a cup of coffee in her hands. She set it on the coffee table in front of the sheriff looking at Stiles phone. 

"Lydia?" Allison asked seeing the look on her best friends face. "What's wrong?" 

"He's hurt." Lydia covered her mouth knowing it wasn't best to scream. Stiles wasn't dead she knew that, but he was hurt. She grabbed the phone from the table looking it over, blood. "He had his phone, he was trying to call someone, they left it here." 

"They left his phone here? The people who took him? Why would they do that?" Liam asked coming down the stairs. "Everything looks normal up here." Malia followed behind stopping to look at a picture hanging on the wall. 

"This picture wasn't here before." The sheriff's head snapped up to where Malia was at. It was a picture of the pack, it normally hung at the top of the stairs, not the bottom. Malia grabbed the picture pulling it from the wall reviling a bloody hole in the wall. 

"They covered it all up. They thought no one would notice. They cleaned the house, covered anything major, made it look like Stiles just walked out of the house." Scott looked around the room slowly seeing all of the items that were out of the place. The picture of Stiles and Scott at his 16th birthday party no longer had glass in the picture frame, the top corner was ripped; the Stilinski family photo was no longer hanging next to the TV but sitting on the mantel of the fireplace. 

"They covered their tracks well. I can only follow Stiles scent for a couple of miles before it completely vanishes." Derek growled walking into the house. 

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